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My name is Chelsea, not Rimmy or Rimelle as many people think, due to my pen name. I'm currently a 10th grader at a shcool, that is somewhere in some random country - come on it's the internet, there's no need for me to be specific - I basiscally only have one hobbie...and that's writting! I've been doing it since age 8 - when I wrote my first short story- For the most part, I read and review on FP. Although, I will be posting some things soon! I love interracial stories! I'm making it my mission to write more of them! It seems like the ones I do read, all have the same plot or's getting really boring! My major goal in life is to complete a novel before I turn sixteen! I only have 15 days left and I'm half way done! Wish me luck! But all in all, there not much more to know about me...Oh I love anime if that means anything to anyone. Oh again, you should also check out my super awsome friend, Moon Unit Omega! Her story Child of the Spider rocks!!! I love ya Eliza!



Ok everyone, I've posted my novel Breaking Cassie Williams, and yay me! I reached one of my life goals, which was finish a novel before I turn 16! I think it's pretty good, so feel free to read and REVIEW it. How else am I suppose to know what you think if you don't? Oh yea, and CONGRADULATIONS to Moon Unit Omega aka Liza, because she is going to be on Jepordy! Go Liza! Happy Holidays!

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