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Hey, all, my name's Eric.

I have finally published my first collection of short stories! "I WAS HERE" is available now for purchase at http:///theinfernoenigma. Thanks to everyone who reviewed my stories before I put them together in this book!

Favorite TV Show: Lost, with Supernatural close behind.

Favorite Movie: Children of Men, No Country for Old Men, Cloverfield

Favorite Song: "Dear Hannah" -- Metro Station

Favorite Actor: Javier Bardem

Favorite Actress: Evangeline Lilly


Infinity's End: A Mannequin's Tale: My futuristic, humorous, romantic take on Pinocchio. It's about a mannequin named Adam Eninich who works in a clothing store in the universe's largest mall, Infinity's End. He's been content for centuries working with Helios, the deposed Sun God, but as the daily pressure of interacting with so many creatures wears on him, he searches for the one Item that will allow him to become human. While he searches, guests of the Mall begin to go missing and Adam may hold the key. I really like it. I'm hoping two chapters a week will be a reality until September, at which point it'll probably be one chapter a week, and I want this book done by the end of November (NaNoWriMo. I know it's cheating but whatever.)

Hands: A companion piece to "i was here." This one's real short but I really really like it as well. It stands alone but directly relates to "i was here." Neither's essential for the other but both are good.

Convos from Forest Grove: I had a lot of fun writing this one, and I hope you enjoy reading it too. If you catch one of the characters online, send them an IM... see what happens:)

The Eternal: Definitely the longest short story of them all, it could actually be considered a short novella I guess (book-sized pages, it's about 60.) In three parts, The Eternal tells the story of our quest to destroy the evil vampire that's showed up at our school and has started to steal away our friends. It's about my friends and me right now, but I'm going to revise it and change the names before I put it in the book. Enjoy it now, before it's gone!

Earthstones: Four friends and I are sucked into a video game. This one went strong for so long... and then it didn't. On hold temporarily while I work on the aforementioned short story collection.

Earthstones: The SparkNotes Version: A summary of everything that's happened up to now in my EARTHSTONES story. Not to be read alone. (Hasn't been updated in a while...)

New Strategy In Iraq: Couch Jumping?: A satire about all of the celebrities running for political offices. I did this one as an assignment for school, and I rather like it.

Writer's Block: Not exactly a story, but I figured I'd include it here anyway. It's a poem about writers' block, and dealing with it.

Wings: A poem I wrote quite a while ago about what it feels like to be trapped in your childhood.

Enjoy! My favorite thing in the world is logging on to the computer and seeing I have new reviews, so type away! And please, be brutal. I'm always looking for ways to improve.

SNEAK PEEK OF NEXT STORY: I've got nothing in the works at the moment. There will be something soon, but because I haven't written anything new for a while it'll probably all come in one burst. I doubt there'll be a sneak peek, but if I do, I'll post it.


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