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"Welcome to my life." - Me

Age: 17

Height: 5"8, yup I am not that tall.

Current thoughts: Some day. . .

Iam, seriously, grateful for everything I have. I love everyone I know, even whenI hate them.

Interests: Music, Art, Writing. I have a band and comics to write and draw. Welcome to a living hell. Oh, and isn't this perfect: I am clinically depressed. WOW! I'm a winner.

On a serious note I take life moderately. One can not spread themselves too thin, and yetone can not be too flexible. I play varsity football, I'm in a band I started, I write stories, and draw comics/compisitions. On the whole, I am an average teenager trying to graduate highschool and leave suburbia.

I plan on attending the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and recieving a BA in comics. Though I do not expect music to be my life it is intertwined within my soul like threads in a shirt. I want it to be an intergeral part of my life. I am and always will be a artist, but before I die I shall leave my mark up this world.

"We are who we are, by our choices and actions." I'm sticking to it, fo just a little longer.

Current activities: My band devours most of my free time, so writing and drawing are put off to the side. Funny though, I am going to an art college, to be an artist. I am writng and drawing as much as I can, but music is a much appreciated tension reliever.

Favorite bands: 1) TOOL - they changed my preconceptions on music as I knew it and with the recent 10, 000 Days release, my love and fanaticism with TOOL is only reinforced. Maynerd James Keened is more than justa person with a microphone. To me, he is an ever changingdesign. He is limitless in originality, yet consistent to himself and his music. Maynerd, is an individual that fuels me to achieve greatness.

2) A.F.I. - Although the years have brought a hyperbolic change to their style and composition, A.F.I. never ceases to release an album without hits. Davey Havok and Jade Pugent are a tag team of genius. They are the, for the most part, the soul reason I picked up a guitar. I highly anticipate their new album. 6/6/06!

3) Between The Buried And Me - Math metal and jazz? Yes, BTBAM is the culmination of young musical masterminds, clasing together in a pleathora of anger, hate, and malice. Yet, BTBAM brings to the table beauty, love, and overall genuine acceptance that life is hard, but we must appreciate every momment we have. I can only wish that the future brings more of these young Metal Jazz virtuosos.


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