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Uch. I wonder if I'll regret erasing all that later.


I'm probably not going to be very active on Fictionpress anymore.

I apologise if this comes off as me being big-headed, but I've grown passed the website. I need to move on. To what? I don't know. I just hope it's not another writing website. Ha. Yeaaaah, I can't do this anymore.

Now, don't let that stop you from reviewing my work or messaging me. Not that you will, but I'm not fully dead. I don't ignore e-mails alerting me about such things. I just won't be updating most or all of my work.

And I might still review a few stories. (Which is more likely if you ask me directly to review your work via PM; NOT VIA REVIEW BECAUSE THAT ANNOYS THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME. Got it?) Just don't expect me to be too sugary if you reply with something really snappy and rude. I'm a nice person, but not that nice.

Anyway. Please don't ask me to continue the following:

Over the Hills and Far Away
Memento Mori

One is probably going into the trash (guess which) and the other's going in the recycling bin (presumably; unless I decide otherwise later).

I may continue to update Dance of the Chimera... but I don't really know. I hate the response I've gotten from it when compared to Memento, and I'm just telling you that honestly. Mind you, I appreciate everyone's who has reviewed it thus far, but I basically don't appreciate those who HAVEN'T reviewed it. It's frustrating to have one story that's moderately popular and then release something that only gets half of the response... mainly because you don't know why the hell it isn't as popular. Obviously. Because no one's TELLING ME why.

So yeah. I'm frustrated at the lack of support and constructive criticism I recieve on this site, so I'm officially becoming inactive. It really comes down to me not updating at all... and me not surfing the site to find things to review as often. (Hopefully. Bad habit.)

I hope everyone who reads this and is sad realizes they can contact me and won't be chicken shit about it, and that everyone knows that I will continue writing and do have hopes of publishing in the future, near or far. So look forward to that. cx

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