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Name: Cara Deanna Greenawalt

Date Of Birth: 4/30/1991

Favorite Books:

I love the Sookie stake house novels by: Charlaine Harris...

um i love the cerious(spelling!!) insadent of the dog in the night time... i can't remember who its by but its the only book with that name...

um lets try something more teenish age oriented... um ... oh yeah i love The Earth, My Butt and other big round things... another one i can't remember the name of the author...

Books I Kinda Think Are Okay:

I've read all of the Anita Blake novels except for the newest one... and the first few are pretty good... but after like the forth they aren't very good... they remind me of some thing i made up when i was four... no kidding i made up something almost exactly like it.. she's writing her self into a corner... they aren't as interesting as they were whe she first started writing them.. to quote a movie 'butter streached over too much bread' the story line was a good idea for the first few books but the bread is like a mile long now...

Books I Hate So Much I Couldn't Finish Them:

Both sides now: its a great idea and all but the charators aren't very good... the daughter's life reminds me of the line of crap that a child feeds their parents. the advice she gives for her advice colum(spelling!!!) sucks. one she gives to a girl who can't look at food with out getting sick, she tells her to seek profesional help... she doesn't want to... she's imbarressed thats why she's writting in. what she should have said was to talk to some one about it, and to try to eat anyway... because the feeling would eventually go away and if it doesn't talk to her doctor. and her mom... she has breast cancer and there's this one part where she says she almost can't stay strong for her husband and daughter, who aperantly need her to... they weren't realying on her in the first place. she should have worried about getting better... thats what a normal family would tell the person who had breast cancer.. at least thats what i'd do.. and no offence to anyone... but the mother stressed out over nothing and was a total bitch to her family... this book had so much about it i didn't like i couldn't finish it... but i promas to go back and finish it some time and see if my opinan(spelling but i can't remember it right now) changes...

Music: I'm not upsessed with music as much as my friends are... i mean i don't hate music but i don't really love anything... really... i guess i like some alturnatave(spelling), metal, rap, pop, emo,rock, hard rock... but i only think of music to lissen to in the back ground and in the car.. and something to joke about with friends...


Priates: Curse of the black purl... but not dead mans chest because the first one was way better then the second one... but dmc did have its moments.

Lord Of the Rings: i love all of them... they are one of my favorite movies...

Spiderman: Awesome movie. its one of the best super hero movies out there.

Spiderman 2: its better then most sequals.. most suck but this one is awesome.. its about as good as the first but some movies are hard to top.

Xmen: i loved all of thouse movies... so i'm not going ot bother to write all the movies out...

School: Homeschooled Yo! XD jk.

Favorite Tv Shows(still airing):

Gilmore Girls

Veronica Mars

One Tree Hill


The OC




Wild Fire





Law And Order: SVU

Ghost Whisperer

Los Vegas

Favorite TV Shows (No longer Airing):

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Will And Grace

The Bedford diarys

Grounded For Life

Fear Factor




About me: I live in ohio, where i'm home schooled by my Parents, and i plan on going to public school next year. I have 3 siblings, Rich who is 23, Joseph who is 21, and Holly who is 17 almost 18. i don't have many friends but the few(and i mean few) i do have i care about... and i'll do anything to keep them. i write storys but i don't really like to post on here... because i have a problem finishing them... once i finish one i'll post... if you really want to read one of my storys just email me or click my homepage and look at my blog on myspace...

ok i need to stop... but i'll add more in the future...

Find me on MySpace and be my friend!
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