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I'll update this properly later. I'm a 16 year old student with very little to do from New Zealand. Just kidding, I'm actually busy as all Christ and like writing. so I'll post here occasionally for your benefits. Maybe I'll find something I like. My interests include computing, art, english and math. I'm relatively tall at 6ft 4" and enjoy sports like scrag, brandyball, rugby and hockey, because they're all exhausting. I don't claim to be a saint, currently I smoke and drink, as well as dabble in some of the higher classes of restricted substances. I've taken up writing again, most of the works I post are about a year old but I've got some new ones in progress and about ten unfinished. I deleted my best one over christmas when I formatted. Poor me. I really loved that story too.

Words of the Week (In context...) - "No no, A psychlothelallist... Err... A psyclothelpist... Psycho--" ~Chris "Dude, give up. You're too bake." ~Sam "Yeugh, anyway they proved that when you're thirsty, you're actually hungry." ~ Chris It was the first time the two had seen eachother in ages, and Chris got wasted way too easily. He then ate seven sandwhiches and fell asleep on my couch.

"Deicide, Motherfucker!" -- Oliver (Deicide - The act of killing a God.)

Quotes of the Week - "They were trying to convince me that I had an imaginary friend named Jim and that I could see him and I don't know whether or not they could see him because they were trying to make me see him, so I really don't know who was tripping but Aimee said we were the ones who weren't tripping so I think we were straight and it was Scotty and Jordan who were tripping but I still can't see Jim and they can... Or... Can't... What?" ~Jizz~

"We don't do - But we never did anyway." ~Andrew WK

"Sex? Sex is not good. But, it 'is' 'gooood...'" Mr Ackworth, Teacher

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