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Welcome to the Blah Center
Updated: 02/01/03 (Final Update)
Quick Profile: I am university student. I'm also a writer who enjoys writing fan fiction in her spare time, hence all those stories down there at the bottom of the page. Once upon a time I was also an actress and the most disgruntled retail worker in history.
Fic Status See my Livejournal (http://) for future fic updates and status information.

But where have all the stories gone?: Due to the policy changes which happened here at back in Sept/Oct, none of my stories were updated further at this site and now that I have my own site up and running, all of my stories have been pulled. You can now find them at the following locations:

All Stories:

Harry Potter WiPs:

Harry Potter Smutlets:

Final Fantasy VIII, X, and Harry Potter WiP:

Thanks. :) "Love is not the dying moan of a distant violin; it's the triumphant twang of a bedspring."--S.J. Perelman