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Name: Paige

Gender: Female

Born: December 1991, twenty years

Location: United States

"One can never live life if it is spent in fear of death" I came up with this quote a while ago and believe in it whole-heartedly, I even have it written down my body so I will always remember it. Don't let the fear of rejection keep you from writing. All stories are amazing and I can garentee that there is someone out there who will enjoy what you are able to produce.

For my stories I won't post them untill I have the majority of it written. I don't have much time to work on them even in the summer. So that is why I have the summaries up but they are not yet posted. But if you so wish to see what they are about you can look or message me. Don't worry, I don't bite... often. Lol

Alone In The Dark-
Perhaps that is why I am his anger target. My resemblance of my mother. I don't know and I guess I shouldn't dwell on it. She's gone and our life is the way it is.
Ravyn, a 17 year old girl, lives with her father who turned abusive shortly after her mother died while Ravyn was still a child. One day things with her father go too far. Ravyn runs into the woods where she meets Adian. After this night things for Ravyn will never be the same again as she finds that the world is a very different place from what she had originally thought, as creatures only believed to be fantesy are very real. -posted-

Save Me From Myself-
Mother and father... dead. Bryan breaking up with me. The woods, Jesse's message, mother's pills, taking them and blacking out. That's right I tried to kill myself. I wanted to die. To be with my family once again. So... why am I still alive? -posted-

Ne Sequa Sparlas-
I have yet to make an actually summary for this story. Ne Sequa Sparlas means The Castle of Spirits. The language is completely my own and you will see much more of it when it is finally published. Ne Sequa Sparlas takes place in a world completely different world then our own. Jacob left his world for the Spirit world, also leaving his soul mate behind. After a few years he brings her into his new life and now they must fight in order to be together for a war is on the horizon and only a hearts sacrifice can bring an end to it. This story line is fairly tricky and I don't want to post anything for it until I have much more written.

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You say I'm weird, I say Hell Yeah!

The last thing is that I have a fanfiction account too, the URL to get to mine is Feel free to check out my stories there too :)

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Title says it all. plz r&r
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Alone In the Dark reviews
Ravyn's father turned abusive after her mother died. Having enough Ravyn runs, where she meets Adian and she is shown a new side of the world no one new existed. NOT A VAMPIRE/WEREWOLF FIC
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Mother and father... dead. Bryan breaking up with me. The woods, Jesse's message, mother's pills, taking them and blacking out. That's right I tried to kill myself. I wanted to die. To be with my family once again. So... why am I still alive?
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