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And pledge! The music is amazing and SO worth it! --If you do pledge, and let me know, not only will you get the free stuff, but I will personally write you a story about whatever c you want! I will make it top notch quality, and have it up here and dedicated to YOU within 75 days, tops!

At least watch the video, and in that, you will not be disappointed.

Hello fellow readers and writers!

Thanks for stopping by.

I'll be surprised if you actually read this. haha. Honestly, who does? So I wont write very much. This isn't a blog.

My name is Antonia Hagelin, and someday you'll see my name in bookstores. Hopefully.

I'm 22 years old.

I love to write. It's something I do all the time. I write mainly fiction, and mostly fantasy. I do sci-fi as well. I love to read stories that fall into both too. I've been writing stories since I was about 10, but they've gotten much better since then. (Well, I should hope so, you say.)

I will be putting up stories that I have written, and would greatly appreciate it if you didn't steal anything of mine. I promise you, I will never take anything of yours.

These are the stories I am currently working on in a little more detail: (completed stories will not be listed)

Mischief Forest:
A fairy tale that is complicated and adventuristic. (which is not actually a real word). I hope you're ready for excitement and mystery, as well as humor and complicated romances. You wont know what hit you, but you'll come away with the distinct impression of what a fairy tale should look like. I hope you enjoy it, and I also hope that you comment on it and give me whatever tips, comments, critiques, or flames you have.

Another Too-Long Adventure:
A sci-fi adventure story that takes place on a fantasy-like planet! Dann, the MAIN main character, is given a mission to escort an Ambassador to a top-secret mission on an uncharted planet. The mission is simple: drop off the Ambassador, blow up the ship to make his enemies think they failed, and then wait to be picked up. On top of that, he's accompanied by two highly trained bounty hunters to watch his back just in case. The problem? He just happens to know these two bounty hunters, and they're probably the worst trouble-makers in the universe. And on top of that, the mission goes all wrong. Now this unlikely group of 4 must travel on the surface of the planet to get to the drop off point, not really knowing what dangers they'll face, or even if they'll get there in time.

Is about a young 15-year-old emo guy who finds out that his life is far from normal. In fact, his Dad is not even human, but some kind of alien with incredible magic. When Nik comes home from school one day and finds his house burnt down and his parents missing, all he's got to go on is an instruction manual his Dad gave him about what to do in times of emergencies. And thus begins the craziest journey he will ever encounter. Only when he unlocks the magic he himself carries will he be able to save his family and get things back to a semblance of normal! It's a pretty incredible adventure, if I say so myself.

What Happens In Fairy School:
It's a giant school where fairies learn how to use and control their powers. A collection of short stories about different fairies in the school. Some angsty, some fluff, some romance, and some scary. You never can tell when fairies are involved! Each chapter will be about a different fairy, and some chapters are co-written by my siblings. Trust me, they're all going to be amazing.

It's the third part of my short story trilogy, continued where The Zif And I left off. Except this one is from the perspective of Zaief, the great Zif. Find out history like you've never seen it before, and discover the truths about Daniel, Dannflorr, and Zaief, as they quest to make right the things that have gone wrong, and to unite two sworn enemies together for the first time ever. Zif and Elf may be destined to be enemies, but they will need each other to get through the horrible disaster that is quickly coming their way. And perhaps...Daniel might finally find the soul mate he hasn't been looking for. (Coming Soon!)

Story Spam Dump:
It's where I am putting all my little plot bunnies into one story to let you help me out with them. So please take a look and offer your professional advice. It'd be greatly appreciated!

Last note: Let me know if you think you have a story I'd like. I'd love to read it, and I always review.

Thanks a million everyone. And God bless!

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short clips from all my stories that are still just ideas. Plot bunnies, you could say. Each chapter shows a different story idea, but they are all waiting for your criticism. To keep, or not to keep. That is the question!
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