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Yo, sup people! Welcome to my profile! Sorry for the starting, just trying to be something (I'm not like that).

Name/Nickname: Just call me Kari (who says I'm gonna go saying my name around here?). My bro sometimes calls me Kagome 'cause I'm sorta like her, and he's sorta like Sota...anyway, I like the name Kari. Oh! And I like being called Ki-chan, too!

Age: 11-18 (have fun guessing!)

Lives: The USA. I'd visit Japan, but not live there (school...well you get what i mean)

Talents: Well, I can draw anime/manga, and I'm pretty good for my age...I can write, but I'm not always great there...not so good at poetry or songs, though

Likes: Manga, anime, reading, drawing, writing, wolves, birds of prey, mythical/fantasy creatures( this doesn't mean I
like "My Little Pony" dolls)

Dislikes: My really, really, really, REALLY, ANNOYING brother (how am I related to his guy?!?!!). If you read Earth's Last Guardians, Trung, Lin's brother, is based off of him. I also hate people who try to act higher and this weird thing my mom makes me eat once and a while.

--Manga/anime read(watched)// Books favored/etc.--

Manga read: So much...I don't know if I can list them all...check in later if you want the list, or, just fo to my acount (same name)

Anime watched: Same deal...

Favorite Books: Harry Potter series, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Eragon and Eldest, Redwall Series, The Fires of Merlin

Favorite websites: , , www.fanfiction.net, ,

Quotes/ Convers.!

"Death sucks...if you try to cheat it...well, you're screwed"-me after I watched a Family Guy episode

"For once I'm Fuhrer, I'll make every female personal in the military wear miniskirts!"-Roy, Flame VS Fullmetal

"A far-off memory that's like a scattered dream...a scattered dream that's like a far-off memory...I want to line the pieces up--yours and mine"-Sora, Kingdom Hearts II

" Does this mean Reese is a girl?"
" No, Dewey, it means he's a lady."-Malcom in the Middle

"Life is precious, don't waste it. Spend time with the people you truly love before it's too late."-Unknown?

"Hmm...cokroaches die hard. But die you will."-Tao Ren, Shaman King volume 1, Reincarnation 6: Another Shaman

"You wanna get high?"-Towlie, South Park

"Yeah, get out of here, baldie!"
"Baldie? What do you call that 8-inch spot on your head?"-Michael Kyle and some guy at the gas station, My Wife and Kids

"I've always wondered...why we fight these wars...in these wars there's nothing but chaos; pregnant women die, children die...people die. Why do such cruel humans start these wars? So they can commit unhonorable acts?
I think these battles and acts...suck, why can't we just live in peace?"-Me after I read some war articles

"I think that after all of these wars in the past we should've learned by now."-Mr. jacobs, my 6th grade teacher

"Kikyo is the equivilance of a clay pot. If I were in the manga I'd go right up to her and smash her face out."-Me after reading an Inuyasha manga chapter, I think it's called Light (yes, she's dead!)

"Abel is just like Vash...he even sounds like him too...but he's a Krusnik just like how Vash is a "plant"...is Trinity Blood's main character a ripoff on Vash?!"-me after watching the first Trinity Blood episode

x--Stories in Progress--x

The Twilight Gem: Status- Dropped for now.

Faint: Status-Okay for now

Dark Knights: Status-Scrapped and redone. Will update a lot till 14th chapter

Earth's Last Guardians: Status-Okay, but I think I have a Writer's block here

--Upcoming Stories--

Genres in a Human's Life:

It's 1676 and a war is going on between the Four great warlords of Japan. An orphaned girl collapses in front of the West warlord's house. She's rescued by his son...but after he goes to war will she be able to hold out on the strange disease spreading throughout the land?


Evan could always see and touch things other people couldn't. People often tell him it's not real, think he's crazy, or say he worships Hell, but when a dragon suddenly comes and tells him he's one of the Guardians, what happens? This kid is on a quest to protect Earth from being overrun by demons and shadow creatures!

Wado Ichimonji:

The country of Yubashiri is slowly being torn apart by its fellow nations, whom they thought were their allies. This is the story of one girl's journey to bring peace and to save her people from utter destruction

Radiant Light:

A mercenary travels the land in search of Radiant Light, said to tell the truth of everything they've ever asked. Unfortuantely, this person is racing against time to get it before their evil anscestor does!

Our Lost God:

The four main gods always thought that the Heavens were complete. They were wrong; demons are starting to attack through an open space, a space for a fifth god. Now they must find this god before the Heavens become a malicous place

Love Comes in All Sizes:

She has never felt extremely deep affection for someone. He has feelings for her. When he makes an extreme bet, can he make her fall in love...with him (one-shot)

Hikari and Kuro:

The reincarnation of an angel meets the reincarnation of a fallen angel; what happens after the angel's reincarnation gets direct orders to kill the one she loves?

Entwined Spirits: The Warrior, The Spellcaster, and the Archer:

3 teens must journey to find the lost 55 shards of Enthorea with their fellow dragons in order to save their world, but in their world, dragons are hated and are put to death, and their dragon friend's lives are their very own (Volume (book, whatever you'd like to call it) 1)

The Outcast I Loved:

Hina Miyazuki, a typical shy girl with a boring life, until she finds a collapsed, weakened boy on her doorstep. Now she must help protect him from both races that are out after his head. Will love prevail over the chaos?

Welcome to my Life:

Steve is unlike any other 13-year-old, he is a boy who can hear what people think and see deaths. He believes this is a curse, his family believes this is a gift. When the devil plans to open the accursed 13 Eternity Death Gate Steve must travel and find the 13 locks and keys before it is used to open Death onto the world.

Koudoutai Akuba:

Welcome to Shikayugara High, place where things you don't expect happen. Here we'll follow Yumi, a cheerful girl with a secret, as she attends this school as a freshman, but she soon discovers that she's not the only one with a secret...there are 11 other people who share the Zodiacs and it's consequences!

Katsuri or Element's Eye:

One of my earlier stories, and this one has a manga currently being created for it. Anyway...Kishiko was like any other girl, always studying and denying that she's in love, but, recently, she has been having odd dreams. Soon she finds out that in order to save the world she must reawaken her powers and travel...to a different dimension! Oh, and she's got a little extra help from a special, important demon.

Something that's actually not manga:
Pages in a Diary (maybe Diary Chronicales):

Diaries (or journels, but mostly diaries) of kids living in different parts of the world, and in different time periods. Major research on this one.

Diary (journel order) Country: Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea, America, Germany, Iraq, Brazil Each diary will have at least 10 chapters devoted to it.

Hinsei's Chigiri:

She is part of the Aqueri clan who is bent on destroying nature and becoming the dominant rulers with their newfound powers. Mizu just wants out. She doesn't hate her clan, but she believe fighting is wrong, so she embarks on a quest to find Kenrei, the ancient master sent to sleep 500 years ago, to teach the art of creating peace with the 4 elements.

Phases of the Moon:

Tsukiko is a girl wearing a mask to cover her emotional scars. She is an outcast, one that nobody trusted, yet she is also extraordinary. Everytime a certain phase of the moon passes by she becomes...something else, something dangerous to mankind.


When they say your life can change in one moment, they really mean it! Haru was just another girl whose life was full of ups and down, and one morning when she wakes up she finds out she's changed! Into what?

Crimson Tears:

In the bright future, everything evil has been purified, but, even with the best of science and magic, evil resides in a heart somehow. Reki is a young man who has only one job: to kill all evildoers and purify their souls. But what happens when the society he works for suddenly want him dead?

Scattering Petals:

In the kingdom of Gragder lives 2 princess sisters, yet, are they really sisters? They might as well be from different planets! One is a feminine princess who loves to dress in pretty outfits and drinks plenty of tea while the other is a hardcore tomboy warrior who usually sneaks out at night to fight in nightly tournaments against her father's orders. Yet, when a terrible evil comes upon the kingdom and the land it's up to them to stop it...even if they have to be stuck together argueing when traveling.

Yes, I know, so many ideas, but so little time to write it all down. Maybe another year and they'll be done, and then I'll get my idea well thinking again ( I hope it's like that).
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