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I don't ask for much on Fictionpress. I'm always elated when I receive a review, and I love, love constructive criticism. I don't put much on this profile because, honestly, I don't think it matters much - but while it's on my mind and the profile counter says a good bit of people come here, I figured I might as well point something out about Child of Symphony. For the story to progress the way I want it to, I can't outright say what Dorae and her family are. I will, however, state that this is not a vampire fic.

That being said, please don't compare Child of Symphony to Twilight. Just ... please.

I have nothing against those who enjoy the Twilight series, it's just ... Stephanie Meyer is everything I don't want to be as a writer. Hearing that COS is similar to it ... It hurts my heart. Seriously.

And since it's still on my mind, I'll go ahead and answer a few other questions. Child of Symphony will end at Chapter 19 or 20, at which the question of what Dorae is will be answered. After that, I'll start on the second part of Child of Symphony. Child of Symphony - Requiem will progress a lot faster, and relationships will develop a bit more. Dorae will age quickly during Requiem, so I figured separating the two would be best.

I'm cutting out a lot of unnecessary parts of the old version of Dream Driven, and as a result, Levi doesn't get much face-time until about the halfway mark. But because I'm cutting out a lot, the story will progress a lot faster, even though it seems to be moving a little slowly right now. Be a 'lil bit patient, and you shouldn't be disappointed. At least, I hope not.

NEW!! ~~~ A picture of Relira and Jax ~ and in color!!

The lyrics are mine. Don't use them, my plot, or my characters unless you've consulted me first.

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