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The Triumvirate (the 3 founding members)

Darket- I changed the name again. But I just thought of keeping it because Darket is a sweet name and I'll stick with it. I'm glad to be one of the founding members of Revolution-Zero. Revolution Zero means that it's infinite, Zero is a number that circles itself multiple times. It's infinite. Or is there more? My goal is to help bring this crew upwards. I am a nomad, a drifter because I've been through a dark path and now i've overcome it. I want to show you something that you've never seen before, hence the name "Revolution-Zero." My AIM address is "Darkit2099" Contact me. I hope to bring quality stories. My first project for this team is the re-written version of Shadow Cop which should please. If you don't like it, I have two solo projects doing better. Now I'm working on Nightmare code. I hope it does better here than with the Limitbreakcrew. I hope to have better work up soon. And ignore Mao's quote about Windgirl being "reatrded." And come on, I'ma rather mature individual. I justhave character, and that goes a long way!Quote of the summer, "Get these mother fucking snakes off this Mother Fucking plane."My email is

Drakkarim - Yo, yo, my peoples, what's up! I changed my name back to Drak so there would be less confusion to all my fans out there. I'm one of the founding members here and a person you don't wanna get mad. Darket's on a rant and Windgirl is reatrded, so I guess I have to play the role of mature one here, but oh well, we have a lot of funny moments together, so it's ok! I joined FP in April and so far, I only have one story out, but it was a pain to figure out which story i wanted to write on. I had one where it was about a team of kids that were transported to another realm and had to save it, and then there was an idea about a normal teen finding out that he had to save the world and his friends had to help. In the end, I combined the two into what you read now: Maelstrom! My e-mail is and my AIM address is maoshomeland. Gimme a message if you've got any questions about my stuff!

Mizu or Mizumi- Why not? Why not give this thing a fresh update? Hi everyone! ^^ (Ignore the last comments about Darket and I). I guess you can pic whatever name you'd like I don't really mind. Basic past of my writing: I literally began at around I guess 4th grade. Didn't notice the talent until 11 and then I made a series which completely dead. And now at 13 my skills have gotten way better and currently my Revolution-Zero project is being created!It's a miracle!!! Ahh...Anyways count me as the only active girl in the crew since me friend Zefie (who is down there) doesn't write much...T.T But really just read whatever we've got to read. Take the won't hurt at least I hope! Bye for now my friends and remember: Don't ever trust the
person with the sub-Machine gun. ^^

Firestarter- I'm a author on fictiopress just like everyone else, I'm known as zefie and I write genres of stories that are very different from the usual action/adventure stories. Firestarter is the name I chose because in one of my other dreams people were calling me that like 50 or a hundred times, kinda weird though. Yes I follow my dreams (even when deja vu kicks you in the side) like everyone else does, and completing my stories is a huge dream that I have. (For you see I type slow)

"Turn me on Dead Man"

Written by Darket

Where do I start? Well, I guess you can say I've been into writing for a while. I was an unknown drifitng writer as a kid because I went to many websites to post work, but I was rejected. So eventually after writing countless fiction projects I found and decided to collaborate on fanfiction form there. It didn't take me until January 21st of 2005 to see a header on the accounts telling of Fictionpress. To me, I was amazed. I went here and fell in love.

Starting off with FP I posted a zombie story I wrote on Halloween the earlier year called "Six-hundred-sixty-six" and that did bad. My first step into horror failed. I tried action, and I found it hard to get around on FP. Eventually after Strike Ops was made, I started to build a rep and I established a friendship with Sasuke-Kun of the Limitbreakercrew. This crew was like a god crew until one day they broke up. It was sad, but then I just became well known amongst Sasuke-Kun and he helped me up.

After a few mediocre action projects, I discovered my fame running thin untilI wrote Quarantine. From there I thought I had a future in horror, but you know what they say, "Is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom?" I dropped deep into nothing. After that Sasuke Kun invited me into the Limitbreaker crew after reforming. Things went well, I grew famous with Bushido and we were practically strangling the others. So soon after he gave me the ill fated "Drifter".It took a while, but soon the crew drifter apart and I started Nightmare Code.

I was a nobody, I didn't get recognized, and some friends thought I left FP for good. So in reprise of my roles, I tried horror again--failed miserably. Then I got into non fiction essays before poetry. By the time the year reached April I decided to get the Drifter up again. Hitting it big I then established a good friendship with Mizumi (or Windgirl) and Drakkarim. Things were going good. After trying on some stories and doing well, I talked to the two on the phone one night while I was high and in return came up with the idea for this crew. I don't remember it hardly, but I guess it's up. I hope to bring more

Peace, Love, Triangle!


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