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Simple Explanation

I love reading.

I really like writing.

I would die without anime and manga

I can't live with out my music.

I have to have my computer to survive.

And I wish to destroy all carrots from this world. Damn our vision if we must eat carrots to better them.

General (and rather stupid) Information:

Name: Do you see the top of the page that reads "Arai Genjitsu".

Age: I am over the age of thirteen and that really is all you need to know.

Besides that.

I'm a pathetic updater.

I don't update. At least not on an normal basis. I'm rather sad about that.


Sorry if (for some insane reason) you are my fan.

Also, if I leave some criticism on your story it's not because I think I'm better or because I wish to insult you, it's truly me trying to be helpful!

Current Story:

Reverse Harem: Thief: This is one about Kyoki a rather weird girl who looks like a bishounen and has two crazy friends obssessed over BL/Yaoi and baseball. She is hassled into becoming the respresentive of the girls, the school was once an all boys school, because she ran over the Student President's little brother who also happens to be the super cool, super jack ass Displinary Committee Leader equipped with his own army of yes-men. While she seems care free she actually has a secret. At night she takes missions to steal things for a mysterious man who knows the secret about her father's death. However, when she sets her sights on the Academy's prized treasure which just happens to be the thing her father was studying before his death she's in for a the one thing she's always tried to avoid. A shoujo story with lots of really hot guys thrown in. Romantic, Humor, Action, Manga

Cafe A La Broken: The Cafe located in a remote alley of Akihabara, one that stands by the motto of being able to heal any broken heart. It's owned by the mysterious Aishiteru Mahou, a young girl with a sassy tongue. She'll serve you cakes, tea, and listen to your problems, all for your broken heart. Still underneath she has her own problems. Romance, Drama, Supernatural, Manga.

In the future:

Reverse Harem: Kick Ass:

All Kumada Kaori wanted was to be a normal high school girl. Unfortunately from the age of three she's been taught every martial arts in the book because she's the heir to the prosteges Tendou family and the family is filled with men so she's always acted like one. She decided to leave it all behind so she can have regular girl friends and go out on Saturdays to the mall. And maybe even get a normal looking guy, no one extravegant that would just ruin her plans, fall madly in love with each other and then get married. She'd get to be house wife and him a salaryman. This is what she wants when she enters Hiyoko High School. Unfortunately she is immediately confronted with a gang and her skills become known to the Fight-o Club. A club filled with powerful young men, all with incredible looks. Romance, Action, Humor, Manga


If only computer whiz Sureal Breecher hadn't thrown her 1000+ paged text book at the school's bully, school's playboy and son of the chairman Gideon. She should have just hit Ctrl-Z and bring back all the work Gideon had erased. But she didn't and she was sent to detention where Gideon and his friends awaited. If only she hadn't snarled back at them and broken Mr. Rock's clock that was an artifact he found on vacation. Then her and the rest of the crew wouldn't have been dropped off in a Fantasy World with Kings that don't shut off, Princes who are determined to kill each other to become king and a dwarf that twirls around in circles and pretends to be a fairy. But she didn't. Is it to late to hit Ctrl-Z? Action, Adventure, Humor, and maybe sprinkles of romance. Maybe.

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For NaNoWriMo09: Life. Death. Words assigned by mankind. For Vivian Nile, recent suicider, she'll come to fully understand the difference between the words and what dying really means.
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Located at the edge of Akihabara, down the alley of the Maid Cafe, and to the right of the figurine store is the quiet cafe A La Broken. A La Broken, is a cafe with delicious desserts and the motto to mend any broken heart, led by a mysterious young girl.
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