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"Hard work pays off later, but procrastination pays off now."

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like bananas."

"Always check if there's toilet paper BEFORE you sit down."

"There are no stupid questions, just a lot of inquisitive idiots."

"Loneliness is the best aphrodisiac."

"Silence is golden... duct tape is silver."

I'm Algae. I wanted the name Seaweed since that's the name I usually use for my online accounts but that was taken.

I'm a university student studying at the University of Melbourne, but I'm in fact a Taiwanese who comes from the Philippines. I love sleeping in on rainy days, popping bubblewrap, and cuddling up in a blanket to a very good... videogame. Meanwhile, I hate things like having my picture taken, cooked pineapples, and mannequins (I hate how even the ugliest shirts when placed onto a mannequin, which have a perfect body shape, makes the shirt look hot.)

I'm NOT a fangirl (mind you... nothing wrong with being one.) I'm a guy who has strayed into the wonderful world of slash fiction. I suppose writing them, for me, is not only a form of entertainment, and is also a method of expressing myself to the world. I like to imagine they entertain other people as well, and maybe let them partake in my daydreams :) At the moment I don't update as frequently as I used to, because IM IN LOVE and thus am living my daydreams.

Perhaps Love: This is my first story, and when I go back and read it I can, in a way, see my own self in the past. There are so many fanciful ideas and so many aspects of my personality melded into the characters of that story. For example, Adam is a half chinese, half american - and I've always considered myself a "global bum," because I don't feel like I identifiy with just one country, due to my Western upbringing by a Taiwanese family in the Philippines, and subsequently my university education in Australia.

The name comes from a chinese movie I have yet to watch, titled the same thing. (In chinese its Ru Guo Ai.) All of the names I use in the story I pulled from people I met in real life, not because the character reminded me of them, but because I didn't want names that sound like "vladimir or marlsado" or something that doesn't seem down to earth, and using names of real people give it more of a base in reality. The last names generally reflect nationality, sometimes stereotypically so (apologies.)

It's set in Parsimony, which is, clearly, a made up city (any city with the same name is pure coincidence.) I chose it because to be parsimonious means to be stingy, and I wanted a name that reflected a city that was two-faced. I wanted a city where the main characters feels like they've carved in it their own niche, only for this niche to be intruded upon when they fall in love.

Because it's my first story, it's a safe story and the plot isn't fantastic. But I did put a lot of effort into characterization, and I hope you enjoy it!

Um Dads? I'm Straight: I've seen and read (and even authored) stories about coming out - and how parents expect their children to be straight, only to be taught otherwise. Which got me thinking - would there be a situation where a character could have been mistaken to be gay, even by his parents? And the only way he thinks he can 'get the girl' is to continue pretending to be gay? Thus we have this story.

I use the main character from Perhaps Love as the parents in the story, just for fun. It is in no way a sequential time line to the other story though, more of a... alternate dimension if you will.

Verona: I love superheroes. Tadah. The name Verona, if it sounds familiar, it's because it's the city where Romeo and Juliet is set. I enjoy writing this story because I can be as over the top as I want to and have it still accepted. :)

Yellow Heart: More supernatural stuff. Currently on a bit of a hiatus since it's a serious fic, and I'm not in a good mindset to write serious fiction at this moment.

Closet Case: A poem I wrote when I was STILL struggling with finding myself. How cheesy is that?

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It's not easy to tell this girl that I have the biggest crush on her when she, along with the entire school, plus my two fathers, think that I'm gay. The name's Devon, and this is my story.
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