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Hi there!

I'm just a mildly insane Digimon fanficcer who writes mainly Kensuke (Ken and Daisuke of 02) and Hirota (Kazu and Kenta from 03). I've written other couples too, and am a big fan of Takori, Taito, Miyakari, and others. I write mostly humor fics, because laughter is very important in life.

Works In Progress:
"In the Middle of the Multiverse," an AU Hirota with FANART now! Gotta love fanart...
"Atlas: Mugged," an AU with many 02 couples (at this count: Kensuke, Kouyako, Takori, and Taito) that's for Rae's line challenge and is totally insane. I am loving this challenge! It's so fun!

Works That May Still Be Continued: "Hide and Seek," an AU Takori that people keep asking more for, but I don't know what to do next. So if you want more of this, email me and tell me what you want to see.
"Dangerous Attraction," a Kenkeru that probably needs one more chapter. I'll get around to it eventually.

NC-17 Fics:
"Shared Secrets," a horror fic that's technically Kensuke, Kaisuke, and DaisukeXDaisuke.
"A Deeper Dream," an AU Kentakedai fic that also stars Hikari as an insane crow and Miyako as a witch.
Both of these fics are archived at Kensuke Central, a link to which is at the bottom of the bio.

"What They Weren't Supposed to See" is a humor Yamachi fic (with mentions of Kensuke and Miyakari) that includes a gratuitous shower scene.
This can be found at "Base of Operation," Rae's site (also with link at bottom).

My original fiction, fanfics for other anime/book series, poetry, and Digimon fanfics that I don't like (for the point they make, not the quality of the work) can be found under the name Karasu Tendo at http://www.fanfiction.net/profile.php?userid=258088.

If you want to archive my fics, go ahead! Just email me to tell me you're doing so and send me the URL so I can check out your site. ^_^ I love being archived...
My stories can be found now at these places:
Kensuke Central:
Base of Operation:
Tarnished Wings:

Um... I think that's it. If there's a site I forgot, could the webperson email me?

Hey! For all you people out there who like my muses and like to take online quizzes, I've got a link here for you!

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