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Poll: After reading the most recent chapter of Young Teacher, what is your impression? (I've left out really negative choices because obviously, if you hate it that much, why bother? lol) If anyone leaves a nasty PM or review, it will be deleted or ignored. Vote Now!
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11/23/2014- UPDATE-Yes, I am writing. I've found a way to finally make it work. And yes, I've said that before but this time I really mean it (lol). All the rewrites- I guess that was me practicing and thinking, NO IT'S STILL NOT RIGHT! But it will be this time. I've been working on it and hope to have something final and complete to post within the next few months. After that, I'm changing the names and editing it more to sell online. :)


UPDATE 6/12/2014- Hello, everyone! What can I say? Many problems and life changes have made it more difficult for me to write, but I have far from given up. I'm on another writing spree and I don't intend to make anymore major changes to the Rose stories.

Currently I have Three running (two different versions, one with a sequel in the works)- Young Teacher- with Young Apprentice- and a revised version of the Original Rose and Thorn, which is probably the lightest story, despite Bekah having lost a baby sister in that one.

I am sorry that I've confused the tar out of some of you by making so many changes, but it's taken me a lot of time (and growth) to decide what I REALLY think would work best for the Young Teacher series. If you were reading any of the other versions, fear not- the Young Teacher series will implement many of your favorite issues and characters.

I am also sorry that's I've been slow to get the job done. I gave birth to a baby girl in 2011 (my third child), and I've been busy helping the older ones through school. Add to that the death of my mother last November, and you have someone who's been quite distracted.

That said, please keep watch on my blog. I'll be posting extras there, things that have to do with the stories, explanations behind different scenarios (such as the MRSA and eating disorders and other things). Not yet decided on all the goodies I'll be adding there.

My blog link is:

Thanks for reading! And be patient because I'm also adjusting as I write.



NEED EDITOR (Dec. 2, 2010) My friend and editor who usually helps out has been swamped. So if you "dig" my stories and would like to help, please send me a message. I'd appreciate it. :D

My apologies to those whose reading was cut off by my deletions. See the note below. I'm sorry but I just didn't go far enough last time and I'm no longer holding back. God bless.

July 6, 2010 UPDATE: I'm doing some revamping because I owe it to my Lord Jesus Christ. I may only be posting on LIveJournal, at least for a while, so let me know if you'd like the link to my page.

I have been extremely busy and haven't been able to work on other projects as much as I'd HOPED to. Therefore I can no longer promise you that I'll have an update on a certain story by a certain time. Thanks for understanding AND for not dumping my stories because they're not getting completed fast enough. hehe. :P


So it appears the picture to your left is the popular vote for a Dan Fields look alike. :) Or actually- Mark C Collier is the look-alike. I must admit, he's my first choice, too. Orlando Bloom is a close second, however. THanks for your votes!


I realize that my stories aren't as good as some others on this site, but I think they're good enough that someone might try to steal them. You can help me by typing unique lines from my stories into google and hitting search. If you find that someone else has posted my stories, PLEASE let me know. I will be checking intermittently, so to all of you who might consider stealing my work- BEWARE. LOL

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