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I like reading other's works...

I'm just here to read and to share some of my


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I'am from USA and I love hanging out to the net! My name is Selisia, I'm 19 years old and I'm bored of my darn life. I always spend my money and time in surfing the net and finding other people all over this unknown world. I love chatting, making poems to... I'll post my poems once I finished them! Meanwhile, I want to post some reviews. I just want to let you all know that I'm not very gifted in writing. So please take it easy when you're sending some darn reviews...

Although, most of my stories were started roughly...6 years ago, so my beginning stories are not well polished. I love acting and singing. And even though I am a (quote) "pathetic dancer", I love that too. Musicals are one of my passions. I love romantic comedies, specifically ones that feature couples that hate each other. And if you ever want to win my adoration (not that it'd extremely difficult) I adore fan art. (Because I can't draw.)

I LOVE... the rain, daydreaming, laughing until my stomach hurts, making wishes, glitter, lemonade, the beach, secrets, hugs, dancing when no one is watching, inside jokes, birthdays, pineapple, motorcycles, shopping downtown, vacations, Seattle, summer, holidays, cute nerds, big sunglasses, the color blue, watching snow fall, spring, staying up really late with friends, Christmas time, guys who are thoughtful, convertibles, hyacinths, weddings, spontaneity, weekends, dumb surveys, memories, my friends, Polaroid scavenger hunts, and sunny days

If you wanna learn more about me, then you can email me at


Books: Stephen King and Dean Koontz, anything by them
Movies: Anything horror, but I especially love House on Haunted Hill and (not horror) A Night at the Roxbury
TV: Saturday Night Live
Bands: blink-182
sum 41, green day, fenix tx, mxpx, new found glory, papa roach, linkin park, unwritten law, jimmy eat world
Singer: Tom Delonge, Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, Scott Raynor (I know Trav and Scott have never really sung...but they deserve a spot there, anyhow)
Song: M+Ms, Josie, The Rock Show, All The Small Things, Dammit, Aliens Exist, Adam's Song, Stay Together For The Kids, What's My Age Again, I Won't Be Home For Christmas, Going Away To College, Mutt, The Party Song, Story Of A Lonely Guy, Roller Coaster, Apple Shampoo, Wendy Clear, First Date, Online Song, Every Time I Look For You, Reckless Abandon, Happy Holidays, Emo, A New Hope, Untitled, Waggy, Boring, TV, Toast and Bananas, I'm Sorry, Don't Leave Me, Please Take Me Home, Shut Up, The Anthem, The Anthem Part 2, Give Me One Good Reason, You "messed" up my life, Family Reunion (funny song!!!), Dawgy Dog (FUNNIEST!), Time to Break Up, Hold On, Enthused, Pathetic, Carousel, 21 Days, Ben Wah Balls, Point of View, Time, Romeo and Rebecca, The Girl Next Door, Time, MAN get the idea. In no particular order.
Actor: Seth Green, Chris Kattan, Jimmy Fallon, Josh Hartnett
Actress: None really

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