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Hey there, beautiful!

The name’s Renee L.H. Gowri. Well, on the internet anyway. I’m very passionate about writing and editing. As a matter of fact, I would love to get into the industry one day! In the meantime, you can usually find me reading one of the hundreds of web comics I follow or prowling around on the roleplay site Visionary Tales as user ReLHG. Speaking of the latter, check below my intro to see my roleplay preferences, and don't be afraid to stop by sometime. I’d love to get to know you!

In case you're wondering why my repertoire is so scant, I’m a fickle writer. I want perfection--nothing less! So I work slowly and painstakingly to achieve it. But don’t worry sweet heart! I'm active, and I have some big projects going down as we speak.

Anyway, I'm a strong essayist, decent lyricist, and a beast at solving word scrambles, but prose and poetry will always be my forte. I'm especially into slam poetry right now. I also read more often than I write, but my favorites are all over the place. Right now, I’m loving the Rise of the Guardians childrens' book series by Williams Joyce.

Oh yeah! I'm also a Beta Reader! You should totally check out my profile sometime, and don't be afraid to hit me up if you want some serious but fun-loving critiquing going up in here. If you got any questions, shoot me a message, and I'll get back to you!

Collaborative Writing & Roleplay Preferences

If you'd like to collaborate with me, you can find me here on the roleplay site Visionary Tales. Now starting with the most important...

1. Hope you don’t mind me disappearing for days or even weeks at a time. If I could, I would, but I can’t, so I won’t. But still... Even if I could, it stills takes me a few hours to wrangle up something , which means I usually respond once a day at the best of times. Otherwise, I usually reply two to three times a week, less often when school is in session. If you get more than that, I might have a crush on you. (Wiggles eyebrow suggestively.)

2. With all that said, I’m looking for at most 2 people to roleplay with. Sorry. That's all I can manage right now.

3. Oh! And I’m in the Eastern Daylight Time Zone (EDT). Just so you know.

4. I’m mostly looking for modern fantasy or regular fantasy roleplays, but I’m up for any genre as long as it's a thrill ride! I’ll willing to do some romance, but no comedy please. Sorry!

5. Technically, I can double, but I do not give characters equal face time, especially if they're minor characters. You were warned, young warrior.

6. I don't really have much experience in romance right now, so I’m up for any pairing and very explicit sexual things. Just be warned that this is subject to change. In the meantime...bring it!

7. However, do me a favor and PLEASE fade-to-black for some of the more explicit gore and violence. If you're not sure what's too much, just ask me, or I can check out one of your current stories to let you know if I can stomach it.

8. I’m not a stickler for word count. Personally, I average around one thousand words, but I’ve written posts as short as 300 and as long as 2,000. (My posts tend to be shorter when there is character interaction.) But as long as the pacing and story are great and you leave me with something to work with, meh.

9. I’m still pretty new at roleplaying, so I’m looking for someone who can be patient with me. I already got some major mistakes out of the way, but you’ll still have my best effort--guaranteed!

9. Please be chatty! I'm crazy over details, and I just love talking out these things with my roleplay partner. In fact, I'd love to see some of your stuff! If you don't have some links in your signature, don't be afraid to send me a message with some links! And in case you're curious about what you may be getting into, you can check out my works here or here. Have fun!

10. I'll roleplay in forums, emails, Skype, Tumblr, wherever, so just let me know what you prefer.

If any of this interests you, don't be afraid to hit me up!

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