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First off, the link above is my friends website... Which two other friends and i worked on to create a story called EQ. If you wish to read this story and review it visit

Okay so i'm a person with an open mind with the ability to see what's happening around me and write it in any form. Some of my writing is deep, some of it is meaningless, some of it is fun, some of it is just plain "duty".

I respect people who:

Are very religious;

Find a way to pick something positive out of something bad;

Don't just dress the way they do to impress others or to be respected;

Who stick up for their country;

Who have their own views and not just someone elses;

Who use their abilities for something worth while instead of getting attention and overruling everyone else in their desperate attempts to look good;

Who can see past looks at first sight;

Who cry because they mean it, and not for attention;

Who can see that they were the ones who did wrong, accept it and get over it.

And a lot more, which i could probably write for hours if i were in more of a ranting mood :

I basically write my poetry about life and issues that should be dealt with; some of my poems can be of what has happened to me, and it can be of what has happened to a friend, family member or just something i know that happens to other people. Sometimes i can get really into poetry, some i can't... Some mean a lot but never come out right, and some never mean anything but come out great. But know this - is poetry really about the rhyming patterns? Is it really about the length? Is it really about long words? The answer is no... Whilst flowing poems can be fun to read... Some of the not so easily flowing ones go unnoticed, and can actually have such an important meaning.

The importance of a poem is the theme. Like life isn't about popularity, it's about yourself. And sure, that sounds selfish... But are you going to help someone else get a job and then do nothing for yourself when you become of age? Do what matters to you -nod-

Writing is a very important thing to me, and it isn't my life... It's just something i'm setting my lifes worth on. If i'm told i suck at it without reason, if i'm told there's no point, if i'm told anything that may offend me, after a while, enough of it makes me believe it. And how would you like it if you crushed someone's dream, eh? : I accept CONSTRUCTIVE critisism... Not complete and utter complaining. Telling me "I dont like this story because it's not as good as this persons..." is just stupid. Just ask yourself... How would YOUlike that sort of review?

Haha, i'm ranting now.

Another issue i'm concerned of is judgemental people.

I'm guilty of it myself... But only because the vast majority of one stereotypical group made things so much harder than they should have been. When i say judgemental people - i mean the people who take one look at someone who is different to them... Nothing may have happened that concerned this group... The person may not even have anything to do with this group... And they just judge them, treat them wrongly andabuse rights. Thats what i mean when i say judgemental people. If you are one of those sorts of people, i ask you think things through before you say anything.

There's one song by Dashboard Confessional, which outlines the basic purpose of judgemental people: "If you can't leave it be, may as well make it bleed." Kinda true, wouldn't you say? I won't hate you if you are judgemental, i'll just hold a slight distrust toward you : nothing big, right?

Now for a list of stuff i read/watch! -cheer-


Books are something i hardly get time to read. But they've definitely helped me with grammar etc.

- Harry Potter

- The Historian


- The Raging Quiet

These are just some of the better books i've read. ^_^


I love anime and manga, and i do read one or two mangas, but i've found that anime is easier to watch since it's all in front of your face... Problem is, if you watch something and miss it, a manga comic is always better, cause you can go back to it whenever you want.


- Card Captor

- Teen Titans

- Tsubasa

- Full Metal Alchemist

- One Piece

There are others, but i've forgotten -sweat drop-

Anyway, read the stories/poems below and just enjoy.

Peace out!

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