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Hola! Well I'm Contained Insanity, and to be perfectly honest my sanity isn't actually contained so please try to avoid catching the disease as it's highly contagious and very likely to spread.

Ali. 18. AS-Levels: Politics, Law, Psychology, German. Man United/Spain supporter. Private School Girl. I think enough has been said.

Things to know:

1. I am muslim
2. I am a "Paki"
3. I am also considered to be an "Arab"
4. I have a tendency to be violent when those listed above are insulted
5. I will not bomb you
6. I believe football can be counted as a religion
7. I know that girls can like football without just liking the men
8. I think of Sir Alex as an uncle, just one that doesnt know i exist.
9. I know that Cristiano Ronaldo is a living assface and does not deserve to be a united player.
10. I am allergic to nuts
11. I am the reincarnation of Scrooge

Random facts

I'm hoping to make a career out of Political Journalism...or become a WAG either one I'd love
I'm obsessed with the country that is Spain
Love going to Starbucks
Passed Driving test
Hate salad.

Characters in random order (with role):

Kiara - 18 years old, Professional Female Footballer, Manchester United player, Cousin of Cassie, Girlfriend of Gareth and best friend of Gerard.
Tristán - 21 years old, Spain Captain/Footballer, Arch-nemesis of Gareth, Brother of Amaya and Best friend of Jose.
Gerard - 19 years old, Man Utd & Spain Footballer, Kiara's best friend and ex.
Diego - 28 years old, Spain Footballer & prior Captain, the "father" of the players and a football Legend to Kiara.
Gareth - 21 years old, England & Chelsea Footballer, Enemy of Tristán and boyfriend of Kiara
Cassie - 17 years old, Spoilt brat, cousin of Kiara, hated by the Footballer's Wifes and Girlfriends (WAGs), wants a footballer for herself
Felicity - 18 years old, daughter of the American Coach of the Spain Team, not liked by anyone, can't understand football.
Nadia & Johan - both 23 years old, He plays for Germany, she's a WAG and had been abandoned by her sikh family for loving him, recently engaged
Colette & Christian - both 21 years old, He plays for Portugal, she's a WAG, has the biggest attitude problem with girls crushing on her man.
& Luc - Elle: 19 years old, Luc: 24 years old, He plays for Spain and is in total love with Elle, she's perfect but insecure about Luc, newly-weds.
Amaya & Jose - Amaya: 18, Jose: 22. She's Tristán's sister and he's Tristán's best friend, they've been together for 2 years, even when Tristan didn't know
Naomi & Cruz
- both 20, Naomi is Kiara's team-mate @ Man Utd, Cruz plays for France, Naomi plans to quit Man Utd to move to France with Cruz.

NOTE TO ALL: The pictures are now working! Thank you to noodleashy143

23rd June 2008: Gosh I know I'm a horrible author if you can even call me that. Please, please, please check out the author note for more details.

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