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For those interested in getting better updates on my writing, I’ve created a Twitter account, found at Eytha_pen. The purpose of the account is to provide improved transparency on my writing and projects, something that is challenging to do here. If you want to know what I’m writing, when something is coming out, ask me questions about my stories, anything related to my writing you can ask me on Twitter. You will also have more notice about my side projects of AESIR and Twin Moon when I will be posting them and writing them. I hope this helps those interested in my stories.)

About myself:

Well this is something that I have left out for a while, but I figured that I might as well add something here. Where to start, I'm (no longer) in my early 20s and I write probably more than I should at times. The situation is that writing is not my career, but if it was that would be great. However, I have trouble turning down a good story so I write a lot. What I actually went to college for was to be an artist, or more precisely a 3-D modeler, but I have always had a vivid imagination to create things. That would probably be why I like to write to so much.

Well as for my actual writing, I tend to write more fantasy than anything else, which probably sounds strange since the only two things I have published here are science fiction in nature. However, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that when I write fantasy I get a little crazy and make epics that I cannot handle. So I end up with a long story that I am going to have to spend years finishing it. Lately, I have been taking a liking to writing anime style stories and since anime can encompass everything under the sun I will be in a dilemma to decide where to put my fantasy stories when I get them up here.

I started writing back when I was really young, but I never did much with it until recently when I started doing a lot of text-based roleplaying. This is one of the reasons probably for all of my fantasy writing, my first pieces of writing I did were fan fiction, but I have since stopped writing fan fiction preferring original stories. I have spent five years roleplaying which has developed my writing skills and given me a large pool of ideas and stories. Most of the stories that I am currently working through are previous roleplays that I am editing and changing taking my character out of it and doing something with that character alone.

My writing style has developed from what was a short, direct to the point style to a rather large long winded, detail oriented style. Most of that came from all of my roleplaying. I lately write in great length, which makes me a little hesitant to put up my stories in their full for losing people to their overwhelmingness. My current series that I am writing I have cut the episodes in half so that it might be easier to handle in one update. Though I have concerns with my future stories, one such chapter is over 30 pages in length. However, as I spend time here I think I will find a rhythm that suits me.

Favorites: the name of Andromeda (seriously I love the name), roleplaying, writing, anime, and drawing.

Completed Stories: 3
In Progress Stories: 3
In Development Stories: 2
Concept Stories: 10
Knowing that I'll never get to them all...Priceless

Reviews Still Needing to Return (Because I have so many I want to make sure I don't forget anyone and thank you everyone that has been reviewing me. I'm sorry it's taking so long, but I will get to everyone.)

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UPDATE: I've started up my own forum meant for anyone to use. Currently, I'm using to provide commentary on my writing of the series I have here as well as supplemental material on the series. If you want to learn more about the series I write, have questions for me or you want to use it to do the same for your stories please check it out. The Appendix

In addition to the new forum I have a new story concept placed up. See if you can find it in the myriad of other stories that I have laid out. I have no idea if I will be doing anything with it, but I had to write it down so that I did not forget about it. There is still plenty of other ideas that I have to tackle so who knows what will be the next one.

Oh and be on the look out for the two new stories that I will be publishing on here soon! Soon is a pretty relative term, but I'm planning on two new stories coming out to break up the work that I have on Shift. So please be on the look out of them. I will provide more details about what's going on when I actually put them up. Until then, I hope you keep enjoying Shift!

Current Writing Projects:

Shift (Shonen Jump Style Manga)

Fiction Type: Manga Original Story
Genre: Action/Drama
Status: Development and Writing (In Production)Current Chapter: Chapter 310 Completed
Planned Length: 1000 Chapters
Arc Breakdown:

School Days Arc: Chapter 0 - Pilot - Completed
School Days Arc
Chapter 1-93
School Days Arc:
Awakening Sub-Arc - Chapters 1-11
School Days Arc:
My Brother's Keeper Sub-Arc - Chapter 12-23
School Days Arc:
Like Spirits Sub-Arc - Chapter 24-29
School Days Arc: Ties that Link Sub-Arc
- Chapter 30-32
School Days Arc: Dreamers Sub-Arc
- Chapter 33-38
School Days Arc: Beast and Shade Sub-Arc
- Chapter 39-45
School Days Arc: Difference in the Same Sub-Arc
- Chapter 46-49
School Days Arc: Worlds Apart Sub-Arc
- Chapter 50-60
School Days Arc: That Magic Touch Sub-Arc
- Chapter 61 - 63
School Days Arc: Spiritual Misfortune Sub-Arc
- Chapter 64 - 66
School Days Arc: Shades of War Sub-Arc
- Chapter 67 - 69
School Days Arc: Goodbye, Friend Sub-Arc
- Chapter 70 - 71
School Days Arc: Bonds of Family Sub-Arc
- Chapter 72 - 74
School Days Arc: Silent Beast Sub-Arc
- Chapter 75 - 85
School Days Arc: Departure Sub-Arc
- Chapter 86 - 93
The Siege Arc -
The Siege Arc: The Waiting Sub-Arc
- 94 - 95
The Siege Arc: Journey to Atlantis Sub-Arc
- 96 - 217
The Siege Arc: Siege of the Capital -
218 - 276
The Siege Arc: Weight of Truth -
277 - 285
The War Arc -
286 - 375
All for One Arc - 376 - 586
All for One Arc: The Lonely Sword Sub-Arc - 376 - 474
All for One Arc: At Universe's End Sub-Arc - 475-497
All for One Arc: Peerless Emperor Sub-Arc - 498-553
All for One Arc: Charismatic Prison Sub-Arc - 554-586
Conspiracy's Prelude Arc - 587 - Current
Restoration Arc - Development
Dark Heart Arc - Development
Major Arc #6 - Development
Major Arc #7 - Development
Major Arc #8 - Development
Major Arc #9 - Development
Major Arc #10
- Development
Major Arc #11 - Development
Major Arc #12 - Development

UPDATED: (8/19) The rescue of Yori is making progress and will come to a close soon. I've consider making it a sub-arc, but it is more like an interruption to the main sub-arc, but still part of the whole. So I've been reluctant to consider it separate even though it is very distinctive and encapsulated section of the story. However, elements and the aftermath of the rescue won't be immediately handled making the distinction a little more difficult. For now it remains a 4 sub-arc main arc. I don't know if I'll be continuing that trend for later arcs. If you have noted, I've finally decided on names for the remaining two sub-arcs in addition to adding several more developing major arcs. I have quite a few arcs currently in development that I will be writing plots for in the near future. So I wanted to include notes for them here. When that happens I'll be rearranging things, since the Restoration and Dark Heart Arcs are getting pushed off in favor of newly created arcs. I can't be certain, but I doubt the arcs will be as massive as The Siege Arc, which I believe will surpass The School Days Arc in length before it concludes. However, there will be more of a connecting theme in the new arcs that end up tying them together. Yes, I'm probably crazy for planning out arcs I won't even been writing for another 5 years, but it makes it easier to seed them in as early as I can.

(5/12) Things have been continuing at a pretty even pace. My writing is getting deep into the fighting in the camp. So my released on FP will entering those fights very soon. You can look forward to some pretty brutal and awesome fights in the future. The current plan is that there will be at least five or six individual fights before the rescue comes to a climax. Pacing being what it is for me, there will probably be another twenty chapters before it all ends and I return to Yuki. But some important details will be coming out of that will start changing things. I don't plan to do a full reveal of all of the secrets of this arc for a while, but some pretty big ones will be coming probably around the end of the year.

(11/13) I'm getting into the second major arc pretty seriously now. A lot of tiny details remain unsolved, but the major work for the arc has been completed. There remains a lot of writing to do for the second sub-arc of the arc as a whole. I'm going to be continuing to develop the romantic aspects of the characters in addition to just the character development. This will be the arc where a lot of explanation and details will be put into showing off all of the powers the characters have to the actual reader. Most of the characters by this point have an understanding of their abilities, though not refined. So the battles that they go through will be very important to each of them developing in many ways. And look forward to more details about Yori and Yumi's powers which have remained vague up until this point.

(8/29) I've finished the first major arc now. Full development has begun on the second major arc as well as writing it. The first sub-arc is completed in plotting and about a third or less of the second sub-arc is completed in plotting. The sub-arc for this arc will be significantly longer than any of the sub-arcs in the first arc, with the exception of the first sub-arc. The first sub-arc will only be two chapters. I only have four sub-arcs planned for this arc, but I expect the whole arc to be about 80-90 chapters in length. So you can get an idea how long the sub-arcs will be. The two major sub-arcs will be the second and third ones covering the journey to and arrival in the homeland as well as all of the fighting that goes along with it. The third sub-arc will carry the bulk of the heavy fighting and all of the huge anticipated ones. So look forward to it as I wrap up the first major arc on Fiction Press.

(7/17) Well I'm in the last sub-arc of the first arc for those that are following this profile page closely. The last sub-arc that I'm writing now will be fairly short, though the Silent Beast Sub-Arc ended up being far longer than originally planned, but I think it was a very interesting and exciting sub-arc. But with the ending of the arc coming quickly that'll mean that The Siege Arc will be starting soon. I figure it will probably be in August that you'll be seeing it. So please look forward to the new arc and the new exciting things that'll be coming with it. I've got a lot of stuff planned for the arc and a number of things laid out subtly in the School Days Arc will finally be answered here. So you've got a lot look forward to. I've got no idea how long The Siege Arc will be, but I'm guessing it will probably be about the same length as the School Days Arc possibly a little shorter since there's going to be less time that will be spent on character development like it was here. There is going to be plenty of fighting and the rematch between Yuki and Demosthenes will happen as well.

(3/3) You may find the other updates on my forum. Don't forget it is available for your use as well. Anyway, I'm deep in the last half of the arc at this point. Yuki is going to be featured less predominantly in these as you have already probably noticed. These sub-arcs focus on the other characters giving them the development that they need and face time since they are as important to the story as Yuki. It also helps to connect the reader to the characters and familiarize with them as you'll be seeing them a lot. Hopefully, you'll get attached to them.

(1/9) I'm working on the last half of the School Days Arc now. The last couple of chapters for the Worlds Apart Sub-Arc will be concluding soon. The remaining sub-arcs will be significantly shorter than most of the previous sub-arcs. They will probably only be 2-3 chapters in length and tied to a single character. The reasons for this will become clear soon enough as the new chapters begin to unfold. So expect to learn more about the main cast as well as something very important to each of them. As you can see from the development list I have completed all of the naming for the remaining sub-arcs and ordering of them. Expect to see the new arc beginning in the coming months.

Twin Moon

Fiction Type: Anime Original Story
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Current Chapter: Chapter 14 - Hard Luck and Hard Work
Status: Chapter 22 In Progress

UPDATE: (10/23) I've made progress on the development of the plot. Most of it is already outlined. This is what has been holding up continued work on Chapter 3. I did not want to finish writing it until I had all of the plot organized, or I'd just be making things up again with the story. So it is all sorted out. I just have to put the last touches on the plot and I'll be resuming the chapter soon. So with any luck I'll have it out before the end of the year.

(8/29) The third chapter is coming along for the story, but it currently being held up by the work on Shift. I'm going to be getting back on schedule for this soon ideally. I've been working out in more detail the coming chapters and the plotting that is going to be involved for them. There is still a lot of the exact details for the plot that has not been finalized. It will slow begin to come together as I put out more chapters and have a more solid image in my mind.

(6/7) All of the work on the characters is completed now for the story. Since nearly all of the chapters that will be written will end up revolving about the characters and their problems, most of the plot is already written out as well. I will still be finalizing the ordering of characters that will be appear as well as comedy chapters that will have little to do with the story and character development. I don't know how many of those I will be having, but I'm going to be trying to mix in a good balance of silliness with all of the drama and romance that I need. Look forward to chapter 2 to being uploaded in the next couple of weeks. I will also probably be making an revision to the first chapter as well. So that maybe new as well.

(5/27) I'm nearly finished with the prep work on the characters. Once that is completed I'm going to be getting the next chapter out soon afterward. Please look forward to the next chapter. Afterward, the following chapters will come out at a much shorter interval than better. Sorry for the delay.

(3/3) I have about half of the characters finished at this point. The main cast that is. I have roughs for chapters and the second chapter is currently under way. I can't say when to expect the chapter to be posted, but it is in the shop being worked on, as it were. Once I have all of the characters completed the progress on the story should move along a lot smoother. It is just being a little difficult since I'm trying to make sure all of the characters are funny in their own way and bring something unique and worthwhile to the table. So they have a lot more work going into them than most characters I create. Since so much of it is up front for planning purposes. Be on the look out for it!

(1/9) It appears that Twin Moon will be the story will be continued while Aesir waits in the wing. So I am beginning development on the story once more to complete all of the characters and story direction for the entire series. Once that is completed I will be resuming writing on this series. As said before, remember that this will be done as a less frequent rate than Shift. It is a side project, but I will try to keep it going as much as I can. I don't have a schedule figured out for it just yet though. Be on the look out for new chapters sometime this year.

I have actually started working on this and I have about half of the development process completed now. I'm pretty much doing character development right now and getting the last few things necessary for the story to begin wrapped up. This might actually end up getting written a lot sooner than I was planning on. But anyway, this is going to be done at a slower pace since I honestly can't do two stories in full force at the same time. At least I don't really want to do that. Since the whole idea of shortening them was so that I free up time. When things are finalized I'll put up a summary.

This is simply a concept idea at this point that I want to explore some time. It is something fun that I thought up a while ago that I thought would be fun to play around with it. The basic concept is that the standard harem is a normal boy with a lot of girls interested in him and the other end is a girl with a long of boys interested in her. I thought wouldn't it be fun and original to put both polarized extremes together into one crazy harem story. That's about as far as I got, but I want to do it because I don't think anyone has attempted it.

Advanced Response Machine: Aesir

Fiction Type: Anime Original Story

Genre: Mecha/Drama/Action

Status: Episode 13 Completed/Waiting until Twin Moon is Completed

Planned Length: 50 Episodes


UPDATE:(11/13) I've completed the second episode of AESIR. There will probably not be another episode for quite some time, considering it has taken me a year to find the time for the second episode. It certainly won't be abandoned, but Twin Moon did win in popularity and interest. So that will be taking the priority. The second episode will be appearing on FP soon. Also I'm going to be updating the first episode as well as there are some changes that I want to make. They won't be major issues and it is likely you probably won't even realize where they if you re-read it, but they are important for consistency. The first episode was written without everything figured out, though the same can still be said for the second episode. But I don't think a full detailed plot to the end was necessary to just write a plot. So I'm fixing some issues that I have after having time to develop the story further. Look forward to the second episode as it will conclude the immediate issues brought up in the first episode while providing plenty more questions. Apart from my own inspiration to write it by watching Gundam, interest and encouragement from you the reader can help to make me write for it sooner. I do love the story deeply.

(10/19) The pilot for the series has been completed, but I'm still needing to go back and edit it up a lot. It is very long for a first episode/chapter. I'm a little worried about that fact, but I will not be posting it up on FictionPress until I have the harem anime pilot completed. Since I want the two to be up together at the same time to know which I should do first. So I don't know when I'll be posting it up. The other story doesn't require nearly the level of development, but I still need to get a few things done before I can write on it.

(10/4) Well I've been working on this story a lot. If you note I've changed it from Mobile Suit Gundam Prophecy to Project A.E.S.I.R. I'm still working out a name for the series, but I've got a lot of things work out for it. I have over 35 pages plus a spreadsheet with research for the development of the story and world. I'm going a little over kill on things, but I think it will really help to pay off in the end. I want it to be a fairly detailed world where even if I don't even end up using names or something it all exists. So it is still coming along. What really makes this complicated is that I'm borrowing from 5 different mythologies for this story on top of watching all of the mecha anime I own. It's all very stressful at times.

I have resumed work on this having been recently inspired to work on it. It is currently in contention with my Harem anime that I'm wokring on as well. So I don't know which I'll end up doing, but I'm going to be working on this as well for development to get it going. I'm completely re-designing the mecha so that it is an original story and not referencing anything Gundam directly.

This is a recent roleplay of mine. It is based off of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, but it is created in its own universe rather than one of the universes already created. This would be the closest thing that I have to fan fiction at this point. I do not really consider it fan fiction myself since I take it as a serious project to be independent from the other Gundam universes. In the end I may just completely disassociate with Gundam and make it into my own giant robot genre anime instead. However, unfortunately it will probably make people think too much of Evangelion and Rahxephon.

The Inner Man (Working Title)

Fiction Type: Anime Original Story

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Status: Completed

Summary/Comments: Chiko had a normal life until he became the enemy of a criminal syndicate. The plan was to hide in a new cloned body made for him until he was certain that the syndicate was no longer after him, however things did not go as planned. An accident in the transfer put him in the body of an eight year old girl. Now he must stay ahead of the syndicate and attend school all over again. His problems don't end there from boys to hostage situations and that is only the first few episodes! Chiko's life will never be the same again.

It is planned to be running for 26 episodes right now with the current story. Depending on the success of the first 26 episodes, more maybe written it remains undecided. UPDATES: I've completed the series and it remains closed for the time being. Of my three completed stories it is my most popular. Depending on how Shift goes and if I get any reviews wanting more episodes I have plans for a second season if it is desired. If you want more let me know through the reviews. I had a lot of fun writing it and would be more than willing to make another season.

Flesh is for Gods

Fiction Type: Anime Original Story

Genre: Drama/Romance

Status: Completed

Summary/Comments: This was created back when I was in college as a single episode with the intention of it being finished eventually. I had never done romance before so I wanted to explore it. This was my experiment with romance and from the hits I've gotten it would say I failed, though the reviews were positive. Sadly when it was completed I never got any comments on all of the mysteries being solved and what everyone thought. I'd like to know if I failed or not on doing romance. I also stuck to my guns on posting full episodes rather than halves like I did for Inner Man. So I have a feeling that scared people off. My length usually does. Oh well. Please let me know what you thought of the series. It was originally planned to be a 26 episode series, but I cut it back to 13 episodes.

Untitled Gender-Bender Story

Fiction Type: Manga Original Story

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Status: Concept

Summary/Comments: I've taken a possibly awkward interest in gender-bender stories lately. So I've come up with a fun concept that I think will work out. The idea is that it involves a girl and a boy switching bodies, which is a little normal standard fare sort of thing. However, the fun starts with the girl which is the most popular girl in school and the boy is pretty much forgettable. No one remembers he's name or notices him. And no the boy is not weak willed, girly or good a cooking and cleaning and no the girl is not manish, improper or unlady-like. They both belong in their genders, which is actually where the twist comes along. Unlike so many of the standard deal where gender changes actually suit the main character, these changes don't. However, the boy who wished to be noticed suddenly has more attention than he knows what to do with being in the most popular girl in school's body and the girl is relaxing being completely ignored. The boy wants his body back, but the girl is not in much of a rush, she doesn't like the idea of being a boy though the peace is something that she is enjoying. The fun doesn't stop there though when through some unintentional actions, the girl in the boy's body starts getting the attention of the girls who suddenly recognize him for having surprisingly bishounen qualities. The boy in the girl's body unfortunately doesn't have much luck as the boys in the school don't seem to mind her more violent nature and some seem to enjoy it. Needless to say their school life is never going to be the same again!

Poulus Prophecy

Fiction Type: Fantasy Original Story

Genre: Drama/Adventure

Status: Writing Chapter 2 (Hiatus)

Summary/Comments: This is my second planned novel and a convert from a failed roleplay. Failed by that people stopped working on it due to it be far to epic for them to handle. They complained that I was writing too much and making it into a novel more than a roleplay. So I took their critique and decided it would be a novel. It was intended to get me ready for my first planned novel, Tales of Andromeda. However, it is on Hiatus due to other writing projects. I'll provide more details on this later.

Tales of Andromeda : The Gemini Savior Book 1 of 5 - Hand of Andromeda (Current Working Title)

Fiction Type: Fantasy Original Epic Novel

Genre: Drama/Adventure

Status: Writing halted, fleshing out history, culture, background, races, etc. (Hiatus)

Summary/Comments: This is my first novel planned and a monster of an epic at that. Though I guess to be fair it is not the first novel. But I guess if you want call the 200 pages I wrote for book one of a Star Trek/Star Wars crossover fan fiction as being a novel, then this is the second. However, I see this as my true first novel. Sadly, it was me working on it so it got increasely blown out of proportions until it was an epic fantasy that was meant to scale such epics as Lord of the Rings and Dune. Anyway, since it is an epic I had to draw back after I wrote like 100 pages and re-evulate things. So I stopped writing and began working on detailing out the world. Needless say I got bogged down in that and I have not surfaced from it yet. It has been 7 years since I started working on it. I'll provide more details on it later.

Dark World

Fiction Type: Sci-Fi Original Story

Genre: Drama/Action

Status: Editing (Hiatus)

Summary/Comments: This is a multimedia project of mine that has taken on a life of its own. It was originally a roleplay from a long time ago. Now it is being used as the story for one of my 3D animation projects. I have modeled out and drawn the main character from it. This was also a 2D animation and a flash animation. The end results of this work is more fleshing out the overall character to a point that I can actually use her in something, preferably a movie or anime.

Untitled Action Anime

Fiction Type: Anime Original Story

Genre: Action/Drama

Status: Development

Summary/Comments: An idea I came up with a while back, this is going to be a non-linear story for one. The concept is about a man that is given ultimate power, but at the price of it completely destroying his body slowly until he is no longer himself. It will be about choices that people make and how you live with what you did.

Current FictionPress Published Works:

Title: The Inner Man

Length: 27 Episodes
Status: Completed
Notes: If you want a second season please let me know, I have one thought up.

Title: Birthday for Two

Length: Short Story
Status: Completed
Notes: It's being considered for a longer serial version at some point to expand on the plot and world. Let me know if you want to see more of it.

Title: Flesh is for Gods

Length: 13 Episodes
Status: Completed
Notes: I actually do have a second season thought up for this as well, but its pretty unlikely that I ever take it past the concept stage since it will be a completely different genre. If you really want a second season though let me know and I might start to develop it from more than just a single thought.

Title: Shift

Length: 440 Chapters Plus Pilot
Status: In Progress
Notes: New Chapters every Thursday for the rest of eternity. (Cries)

Pilot -
Chapter 0
School Days Arc - Chapters 1-93
School Days Arc - Awakening Sub-Arc - Chapters 1-11
School Days Arc - My Brother's Keeper Sub-Arc - Chapters 12-23
School Days Arc - Like Spirits Sub-Arc - Chapters 24-29
School Days Arc - Ties that Link Sub-Arc - Chapters 30-32
School Days Arc - Dreamers Sub-Arc - Chapters 33-38
School Days Arc - Beast and Shade Sub-Arc - Chapters 39-45
School Days Arc - Difference in the Same Sub-Arc - Chapters 46-49
School Days Arc - Worlds Apart Sub-Arc - Chapters 50-60
School Days Arc - That Magic Touch Sub-Arc - Chapters 61-63
School Days Arc - Spiritual Misfortune Sub-Arc - Chapters 64-66
School Days Arc - Shades of War Sub-Arc - Chapters 67-69
School Days Arc - Goodbye, Friend Sub-Arc - Chapters 70-71
School Days Arc - Bonds of Family Sub-Arc - Chapters 72-74
School Days Arc - Silent Beast Sub-Arc - Chapters 75-85
School Days Arc - Departure Sub-Arc - Chapters 86-93
The Siege Arc - Chapters 94-285
The Siege Arc - The Waiting Sub-Arc - Chapters 94-95
The Siege Arc: Journey to Atlantis Sub-Arc - Chapters 96-217
The Siege Arc: Siege of the Capital Sub-Arc - Chapters 218276
The Siege Arc: Weight of Truth Sub-Arc - Chapters 277-285
The War Arc: Chapters 286-375

Current Arc:

All for One Arc: The Lonely Sword Sub-Arc Chapters 376-Current

Title: Twin Moon

Length: 21 Chapters
Status: In Progress
Notes: Twin Moon is my side project currently running next to Shift. It won't be updated as often, but I shall be working on it in my spare time.

Title: Advanced Response Machine: Aesir

Status: Pilot Completed

Notes: The first four episodes have been completed. I can't promise further episodes to appear with any sort of regularity until Twin Moon is completed.

Future FictionPress Works to be Published:

Title: The Poulus Prophecy

Status: Development/Hiatus

Notes: Plot finished, detailing out plot and rewriting chapter 1.

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Yoichi Nakazawa had only a single wish, one wish that he kept secret and never told anyone. On a whim, he declares his wish before an old abandoned shrine. He wakes up to find that wish granted, but such a powerful and life altering wish does not cheaply. For such wishes a price must be paid, is the price he must pay worth keeping his wish?
Fiction: Manga - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Drama - Chapters: 6 - Words: 34,045 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 10/23/2015 - Published: 9/6/2015 - Complete
Flesh is for Gods reviews
Machines attacked years ago, but their numbers were too few and they naturally lost. Now through terrorist attacks they strike again pulling the world into chaos and conflict as dark conspiracies begin to surface revealing surprising betrayals. Complete.
Fiction: Manga - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 13 - Words: 109,097 - Reviews: 37 - Favs: 5 - Updated: 10/26/2008 - Published: 8/30/2007 - Complete
The Inner Man reviews
Secret organizations, syndicates, assassins, school, homework, magical girls and mind transfers? Just a normal day for Chiko, an adult male stuck inside the body of an 8 year old girl. Completed. Review, I'll review you. Season 2 being considered.
Fiction: Manga - Rated: T - English - Humor/Drama - Chapters: 53 - Words: 200,791 - Reviews: 101 - Favs: 46 - Follows: 13 - Updated: 7/6/2007 - Published: 7/6/2006 - Complete
Birthday for Two reviews
Chris was looking forward to her 18th birthday, but mysterious deaths of students leaves her to discover that the world is not the place she thought she knew and being an adult comes with the most difficult choice she never saw coming. Short Story.
Fiction: Sci-Fi - Rated: K+ - English - Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,650 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 3 - Published: 7/16/2006 - Complete
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