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Who Am I?

To me, the world and all the humans on it are rather amusing, yet sad at the same time. I'm the Observer, the quiet one in the background, the dreamer and the writer. If the Universe were a play I'd be one of the nameless roles who isn't yet brave enough to audition for a Speaking part. Discussion and learning fascinates me but I shy away from arguements that determine who is right and who is wrong. No one in my perspective is either evil or perfect. They're always somewhere in between. This includes characters. Although I understand that so much in reality is huge, I prefer sticking to small things, and small steps where my life is better under my control.

If my stories are bleak and few, my voice is loud and joyous whenever I sing for God. Whether it be hymns in church or pieces for choir, I will always gladly let others hear my praise to the Lord. Other than this my faith is not so blatant. When it comes to writing I prefer subtlety because otherwise people usually don't listen to in-your-face speeches. Leastways not when a teenager is giving them.

Whenever I see the word revenge, my respect for whoever is harbouring it goes down. I might as well be seeing a child sulking over his or her sibling simply because that sibling poked them or something they loved. Hate in general has always been a poor, short-lasting motive. I'd understand a fallen person more if they'd given into their own desires. I'm sure that is how most humans get off on the wrong path. As for people who aren't human...that can be saved for a good fantasy. :)

Often people will look at me when I'm thinking, observe my automatic frown or wave a hand in front of my far off eyes, "Heloooo?"

"Oh, sorry. I was out of it." I'll have to say and jolt my thoughts from dramatic scenes about my characters, in a world of fantasy and surreal element and sink back down into the real world.

It's a flickering, unsure life. But it's mine, and has yet to grow roots and steady itself. I have my wonderful family to thank for its simplicity, shelter and love.

Favorite Genres

Reading: Fantasy, both modern and otherwise. I also enjoy classic adult literature, which I get a good taste of in school. I appreciate renouned authors like Edgar Allen Poe, Charles Dickens, JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis and Johnathan Swift. My favorite authors of today are JK Rowling and Clare B Dunkle.

Avoiding: Highschool, sappy teen flicks, although if I find one that I can't put down I'll just finish it and then decide if it was worth all that time. Horror fascinates me, but I never get further than the plot summary. Anything involving slash scares me off. I also can't stand fanfiction, though my sisters have written a few good ones.

My Character Sheet

Name: Anonymous

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Looks are: Plain, brunette, short-sighted, not tall and little cared about.

First impression is: Quiet

Status: Roleplaying/writing/struggling through school

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She shrank away from the glaring white shine..."Darkness wavers and hides from the sun," she whispered, "But it does not die."
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