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Going back over my folder for stories I dug up EHP. sooooo guess what! I'm gonna start trying to write that again! whoop:D...the only problem is I don't know when I would get the time to, but look out world! I'm bringing it back!

AND Castle Rats might show it's first chapter here soon too. Wouldn't that just be lovely?

Main Rule: You review me, i'll review you. Simple, right? Let's keep it that way.

My Stories

Every Halloween Parade- Angie joins her friend Jamie at a Halloween festival for a children's home, only weeks from Halloween night. At her stand, Angie meets Cale, dressed as a pirate, and learns he is to go to her school. They start talking, and a quick friendship is formed. It is not until later that she starts to realize she may just like him as more than a friend, not knowing he has been feeling the same way. But what happens when Cale's older sister moves in mysteriously, not to mention it seems his parents are never home. What can Angie do but try to comfort him as he deals with happenings from his home country and with the impending pressure set by his sister and what she tells him?

Castle Rats: Fall of Crescent Hill

Adalynne Jabin is an orphan. She has been since she can remember, and yet she has always had a family. Her friends, fellow orphans in the castle of the Wyome fief, have always been with her, serving their Lord and having a good time too. They have adventures on their days off, stealing from the kitchens, pretending they're knights, rescuing damsels in distress. But Adalynne actually wants that kind of life. To be a knight, as some of her friends will be years later. She knows it wouldn't be proper, being a girl and all, but still she dreams of it, and is known for being rough like the boys. So when she turns 13, her dream suddenly enters the realms of reality, and is given the chance to become a knight! Mixed with an onset of taunts and discouraging turn of events for Adalynne, as well as the troubles and pleasures of growing up, and a little hint of mystery and suspense in regards to Sir Robert Noustman, the court "magician" and adviser to Lord Edmund.

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