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Hello everyone,

My name is Okami katsuri and my dream is to become a Mangaka.

I have six storys I'm working on right now yes thats right six.

here they are _

I will also say if you steal these ideas karma will get you! .~

1.) Bound-

I’m not very far on this but so far the two main cast members are:

a former samurai now turned Oni named Kyo and a teenage boy who is the reincarnation of his lover and his new master named Satoshi.

Other than that I’m not to sure what I’ll do with this.

Sorry no hints on the plot other than YAOI!!!!!

2.) Frozen Blaze (title may change)-

This one is going to get me in trouble.

It revolves around identical twin brothers; Aidin and Alexander. Aidin (the older brother) loves Alex, but Alex is scared. They both have powers over one element(starting out anyways). Aidin (ice) makes a deal with hell to save them both and becomes a devil. Alex (fire) stays human but is bound to his brother so closely that when Aidin stops aging he stops too... well more like Alex ages really slowly then stops.

Alex can’t die unless Aidin does.

It follows their lives during our time as Aidin has become a librarian and Alex has become a rock star.

The plot has:

Twincest (duh), devils, mages, religion (their from France during pre-rev), war,

pirates, family issues, romance, rock stars, books, finding hidden relics, and again I state TWINCEST!!!!!!

3.) Tales Carved In Scales-

This one... yeah... This one is pure chaos right now.

The cast is HUGE!!!!!!!!! They are all Draconic or Draconic bloodline.

This is the one I know will get me in big trouble.

It has all the following things in it:

Royalty, murder, treason, rape, magic, drama, adventure, romance, yaoi, yuri, hentai,

DEATH!!!!, action, music, alcohol, shouta, squirrels, pirates, ninjas, samurai, slavery,

doctors, gore, rock stars, drug abuse, sensei-student pr0n, family issues by the truck load, Scotsmen, incest, and beastiality jokes.

This is the story that I’m most eager to have done. I have fallen in love with chacters the world everything. I love tales just as much but I’m dreading writing it out due to the huge ass cast that spans more than just a few generations. I mean come on the tales cast are all dragons they live a fuckin long time.

4.) Where Will We Go?-

(A.K.A. Dodo Ni Acedia Watashitachi Hatarakzume)

This whole thing started with one question.

"What would the world be like if the west went into the future, and the east went back into the past?"

It lead to a very complex world, a world full of one theme in my mind Ying &Yang.

Kinjirareta (the west) embraced technology with open arms both good and bad.

Oikomu (the east) isolated them selves for a long time and first feared technology.

Think of Star wars for the west and feudal Japan for the east. The east has been at war for over 1,000 years. So long that the old reason for the war is but a legend.

The war it between to empires Ha no Meiyo (samurai) and Senshi no Kage (ninjas).

In the middle of this war are the four members of the main cast:

The fourth Shogun of Ha no Meiyo Yobio Nesshoku.

His second in command Imotei Heiga.

The third Shogun of Senshi no Kage Shin Gesshoku.

And his second in command Jinmei Gesshoku.

The plot incudels:

Violence (duh), Gore, pretty boys, hot men, yaoi (yes yaoi), romance, and spiffy magic.

5.) Chaos index-

What is it with me and writing storys that will get me in troble?

My horror/mystery manga.

I won’t say much about this just that its dark scary and I may go crazy for forceing my mind in the depths.

The plot incudels: Violence, gore, pretty boys, hot men, pretty girls, hot women, Demons, Devils, Yamis, Doctors, Police, magic, who done it, yaoi, het, shouta,

music, alcohol, rape, MURDER!!, insantiy, and much much more

I also have another thing moving around in my head that involves a fey prince who to escape marriage sneaks off to the human world and ends up being forced to be a servant to a cruel human prince.

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