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Okay, so I got bored one day and decided to actually write something in here...but when I came back and read it I was...well, we're not going there. But I decided to actually try to write a profile, so please, bear with me through this precious moment in your life.

Name: I'll give you a hint-it has six letters and starts with an "A". Yous guess it, you win. What do you win? Um...the knowledge of what my name is.

Age: Three. That's right, I'm a brilliant three year old! No, hold on let me check...I knew this a few minutes ago...AHA! I know-17.

Grade: 12, or whatever you want to call it.

Pets: (Why this matters I have no idea, but oh well) I've got three cats. *hugs cats and earns a few scratches in responce for putting all three together in the same space*. Oh yes, that reminds me, I also have two brothers and a sister.

Most hated sound: The sound of bubble gum being popped (you know, when people blow bubbles with it) *shudders*

Loves: Writing, listening to music, etc. Oh, and don't forget reading reviews *nudges reader*

Anything else important: Let me, no not really.

Well if you think that this has been a wasted ten seconds of your life then I might have to agree with you, but just remember, i wasted more seconds of my life than you did because I wrote this thing.


Welcome- FINISHEDCool new guy at school is a vampire, school nobody is a witch. Vampire hunts witch, eventually befriens the school nobody. The school nobody is trying to find out who the vampire is before he kills her, she eventually befriends the cool new guy. So what happens when they find out eachothers real identities? Read to find out. (I know, i know, this isn't the original summary but hey, i can change it if i want to. ^.^)

Dark Mysteries- Vampire hunts a dark elf. The dark elf finds a pure blooded girl -his next meal- who is really an elf/vampire/human. But does this girl have another secret that links both the vampire and the dark elf? (i know, again, not the original summary but this one is closer than the one i wrote for Welcome!)

New World-Dorian the ultimate vampire, Ly, the ellusive, strage, and oddly compelling young witch with power and knowledgewanted by many. Dorian finds himself helped by Ly in a difficult situation, and for reasons unknown to him finds himself compelled to aid her and follow her into the unknown.

Falling-Alyssa is that kid that always seems a little odd, perhaps she likes it that way. But when Brennan and Craig move in across the street she finds her world turned all around and suddenly she is faced with a question. Who does she like?

Curse Of Love-He was cursed by one who loved him, now, in order to break his curse he must find love. But can he find love in a girl so broken she may be unfixable?

I would like to take this time to give a HUGE thank-you to every single person, alien or otherwise for reviewing! THANK-YOU so much!

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Magic reviews
He has dreams of a beautiful woman, he searches for a stone that holds immense dark power. Who is he? The killer mage, the black mage, the blood mage, he is the most feared man in the world. What happens when he falls madly in love with a girl that has hi
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(FINISHED) Carmen-the invisible girl in the elite boarding school. Tyler-the new guy that has all the girls drooling, yet holds a secret. What happens when she discovers he's a vampire and he discovers that she's a witch?
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He was cursed by one who loved him, and now he must find love to break his curse. But the only girl that can save him may be too far burried in problems to see him.
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M is for language. Alyssa is that kid that's always been a little different. But when a new family moves in across the street-including Brennan and Craig-her world will be turned up-side-down, the question? Who will she fall for?
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A poem obviously, just about the masks people wear all the time.
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