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Hey! I'm AmazingGrace91 (although I assume you already know that, considering you clicked on the link to my name!)

Some interesting things about me:

My first name can be found somewhere within the song "Mambo Number 5".

I love writing (which I'm guessing is a trait I share with practically everybody on this website)! I've been writing stories for over 20 years.

I'm an aspiring author. I hope to publish at least one novel before I die.

I have a B.A. degree in Professional Writing and English.

I'm 31 years old and graduated from college on May 10th, 2014.

I'm a Christian.

I'm known as the funny one amongst all my friends. I'm only serious when I really have to be.

I love reading all types of fiction and nonfiction (and certain kinds of fanfiction, although I don't enjoy them as much). I only wrote one complete fanfiction story in my life, and it was a Jeepers Creepers II comedy story based on my high school friends at the time. It followed the exact plot line of the movie. No lie. I was originally thinking about posting it on the fanfiction site, but due to it being based on real people, I changed my mind.

My favorite authors are David Sedaris and Agatha Christie. My favorite books are "When You Are Engulfed in Flames" by David Sedaris and "And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie. I highly recommend both of them.

I HATE TWILIGHT. A lot. I do like most of the other popular book series out there, though.

I accept constructive criticism, so feel free to give me your insight on my stories.

I hate people who flame stories. Unless the story is the most horrendous piece of crap that ever disgraced God's green earth, it's unnecessary and rude. If you love writing, I find it necessary to support others who love the craft as well. If you don’t agree with something, constructive criticism is far more helpful to others.

I get inspiration for my stories from the weirdest things. Sometimes I'll look at a lamp post and think about how it would tie into a scene in one of my stories. I also get inspiration in random places as well. The best places I get ideas from are Wal-Marts, Lowes Home Improvement Stores and different types of gardening shops.

Reviews make me happy, which is yet another trait I share with everyone on here!

I have awesome friends who are extremely supportive and fun to be around.

I'm close to my family and love being around them. I'm extremely close to my older sister; she was my inspiration for the character Katie in my story "Forgive Me Before You Go".

I have a pet Dachshund named Brynn. She's my best friend and I adore her more than any other animal on Earth. I also have a Pug, a Boston Terrier, a Miniature American Eskimo, and a Toy Pomeranian. Along with that, I've been dog-sitting another Pug for the past three years for my sister's best friend, who is in the military and has been overseas for the last few years. He is pretty much a part of the clan now! In other words, I have six dogs and my house is the perfect place to hang out if you want to get smothered in furry love.

If you're out to kill me, just give me a cat. I'm deathly allergic to them.

I have a strange taste in music. I like practically everything except rap. My favorite bands at the moment are Casting Crowns and My Chemical Romance. (Yeah, that's a really odd combination!)

I love comedies and scary movies. Weird combination, huh? I'm not a huge fan of gore, though. I'll only watch it if the movie has a convincing, interesting plot line. The one gore series I enjoy watching is the Saw series.

My favorite actors are Johnny Depp and Nicholas Hoult. I don't have a favorite actress. My favorite movie list can seriously go on forever, but if I had to pick my favorites at the moment, I would say “Warm Bodies” and the most recent version of Stephen King’s “IT”. My least favorite movie of all time is “The Hills Have Eyes” remake. All it is is gore, gore, more gore and tearing an innocent family apart when they didn't do a thing to deserve it.

I'm epileptic (in other words, I take seizures). Not very fun, but it doesn't get in the way of my writing, so I don't mind.

I met John Grogan (the man who wrote "Marley and Me") a few years ago. I was also lucky enough to meet David Sedaris, my previously mentioned favorite author. Both men were wonderful and signed the various books I brought with me. I also met Sarah Vowell, the woman who voiced Violet in "The Icredibles” and “The Incredibles II”. She came to my college to talk about the book she wrote that I read for one of my classes.



My life has been insane recently! Due to my job and my life in general, I haven’t had time to write about anything. I’m hoping to get back in the swing of things, though. That being said, when I do manage to start writing again, I have quite a few ideas. What are they? Well...

1. I’ve been considering writing a sequel to “I’m in Love With a Professional Heartbreaker: When Adam Met Eve”. Since that is my most popular novel to date, I have a fun idea or two that I’ve been toying with that involves those characters. It will be based on either their college years or their adult life.

2. As some of you already know, I started a sequel to “Forgive Me Before You Go”. That’s something that’s been in the back of my mind for the past decade or so. It wouldn’t hurt to take that story into consideration again.

3. I’ve mentioned a prequel that’s based on Art Painter from “How to Catch a Killer”. I started with ideas for this plot line, but due to major distractions, I dropped that story. It may come back!

4. I have an idea for a romance story involving two people that I’ve been considering for quite a few years. It first came to me before “Forgive Me Before You Go”. Now that I’m older and have a stronger writing mind, I may consider bringing it back.

5. There’s one story I’ve been considering that won’t end up on here. I plan to send it out for publication once it’s finished. If that would happen, I would definitely let you know!

Current Stories:

None at the moment.

Finished Stories:

Forgive Me Before You Go: Elizabeth was a rich, spoiled girl who had no appreciation for her family or her life. Aiden was a nature-loving vegetarian who saw the brighter side to every situation. When the two are brought together by a near-fatal accident in the woods, their polar-opposite personalities somehow coincide perfectly and it doesn't take long for them to become close. Elizabeth adores Aiden, but after a news story about a breakout at a local mental institution makes him break down and frequent panic attacks start to plague him, she can't help but wonder how care-free he truly is. Who is this mysterious Timothy Spalding? What connection does he have with Aiden? Elizabeth isn't sure, but she's going to find out...even if it kills her... COMPLETE!

I'm in Love With a Professional Heartbreaker: How Adam Met Eve: Eve lives a fairly normal life with her mom, stepdad, stepsister and half-sister. Nothing interesting usually happens in her life (besides her biological father being sent to prison charged with manslaughter and her stepdad being paralyzed from his waist down due to a motorcycle accident, but those things happened ages ago). Her normal life is thrown completely upside-down when two eccentric identical twins named Adam and Sean move to town with their equally-as-strange uncle. Adam and Eve bond automatically (and with names like theirs, who could blame them?), but her view of Adam's brother is the complete opposite. Eve doesn't realize that both Sean and Adam are keeping a secret from her. Adam and Sean's uncle is a heart-breaking con-artist who seduces rich women just so he can steal their money, and now he pulled the twins into the "family business". Eve's stepdad is the richest man in town, and it's Adam's job to seduce her. Adam starts their relationship on the grounds that it was strictly a "mission" for him, but he's in for a surprise when he finds himself legitimately falling in love with Eve. Now Adam has a choice to make; either he follows through with his plan and breaks Eve's heart in order to stay loyal to his family, or he betrays his family so he can be with Eve. To make his decision harder, Sean has the ability to pose as him and do his job for him if he refuses to do it himself. It doesn't help when the one other girl Adam accidentally conned and crushed moves to the town and watches over him like a hawk. Throw love, loyalty, confusion, disturbing pasts, an identical twin and a massive amount of pain killers into the mix and you get the story of how Adam met Eve. COMPLETE!

For Your Eyes Only (the Original Chapter Two of "I'm in Love With a Professional Heartbreaker: How Adam Met Eve"): What's this? Sean has snake bites? The twins don't have that red tint in their hair? The Parkers have a dog? They live next door to the Mayfields? Steve isn't old and creepy? Instead, he's young and creepy? And he has a girlfriend?! Well, since I have so many fans, I think you all deserve to know what the heck was going on in the lives of the Parkers before I decided to change it up a bit. I wonder how things would've turned out if these changes would've been permanent... (One chapter, but still COMPLETE!)

How to Catch a Killer: Aubrey Colorado is an eccentric ditz. Unfortunately for her, calling her a ditz is a huge understatement. To everyone in her senior high class, she isn’t known as Aubrey; she’s known as the girl who accidentally set the school’s mascot on fire during the school’s homecoming football game. Despite her strange school status, she manages to make it through high school in one piece and now she’s ready to graduate. But her seemingly normal life changes dramatically one day when she declines a ride home and decides to take a walk through the forest. In the forest, she witnesses someone being murdered in cold blood. But that’s not the worst of it; the worst part is…the murderer is her dad’s best friend. Instead of sneaking away, Aubrey panics and runs, catching the killer’s attention. Now he knows that she witnessed the murder. On top of that, she accidentally gets her short-term-memory-loss-prone best friend, her worst enemy’s anti-social cousin and a 21-year-old tattoo artist with a name as strange as his personality involved in the mess. Now the four of them have to work together to find a way to turn the killer in. The problem? With the killer’s connection to Aubrey’s family, he’s always around and watching their every move, and there’s no way her family would believe her if she told them about what she saw. Not to mention he has a group of helpers who were with him in the forest that day who watch them as well. As time passes, they realize that this murder wasn’t random. It was part of something bigger; something that involves an assassination organization and its infamous leader, Frank Ivy. The four of them are about to learn that, if they want to live to see summer, they’ll have to learn to read between the lines…and not get any self-inflicted injuries in the process. COMPLETE!

Friends With Enemies: Everyone knows that Aubrey Colorado and Brett Zarzetta are best friends. They were best friends when they made that stupid decision to chase that crazy killer known as Dave Argenhaly. And they were friends when they dragged poor Helena Greene and Art Painter into that mess as well. But everyone also knows that they weren't always that way. For 15 years, Aubrey and Brett wanted to kill each other more than Dave wanted to kill them. But all that changed one hot summer when they were forced to work together as camp counselors. That summer would change their lives in a way they would never imagine. One split-second decision started a chain of events that ultimately led to their senior year when they tried to catch that killer. This is that story. COMPLETE!

"There are three ways to do things in life: The right way, the wrong way, and my way!" - Dr. Bleach, my Contemporary Issues in Professional Writing professor

Just a warning to anyone who thinks they can plagiarize my work. I scan the internet on a regular basis looking for uncreative people who can't write their own stories. I already caught six people who stole my stuff, so if you're considering taking anything I wrote, think again. If you take anything I created, it won't get past me. And, if I catch you, things won't be pretty. You've been warned.

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