Forgotten Love Letters
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Hey there!

My name is Marz (Martha but don't u dare call me that _). I'm 19 and a freshmen in college. I live in Ohio, but go to school in PA. My major is child psych

I'm 5'5, medium redish/brown hair and hazel eyes.

I LOVE a good romance! I'm one of those people that gets all teary eyed and get the warm fuzzilies when I see a couple together thats truly meant to be. That being said, I also like violence in my stories. As great as romance is, it gets a bit dull with no action.

Favorite movies: Romancing the Stone, Princess Bride, Enchanted, Anastasia, Phantom of the opera, Secondhand Lions, You've got mail, Ghost Rider, Matrix, Spider-man, Batman Begins, Howl's Moving Castle (love it!!)

Favorite Books: The Mortal Instruments, Gatekeepers, WANTED! (yes the manga..shut up) , Alex Rider series, Stephanie Plum series, the Full books, The House Next Door, Demon in my View, Dance with the Devil, Harry Potter

Favorite Shows: (I'm a closet anime addict. it's a major secret of mine) Vampire Knight (favorite), Inuyasha, Host Club, pushing daisies, Moonlight, Doctor Who, Ghost Hunters, Intervention


ok, true to my word I am updating! I said I would update soon and I am. ok, so a month later might not seem soon, but for me (who takes 7 month breaks between chapters) 1 month is light speed. so chapter 12 of Letters will be up..very soon. Sometime this week.

update 4/29/09

I am so sorry. I know I said before I was working on LL but I got hopelessly distracted. I AM working on it right now however!! I'm about half done. I'm thinking it should be done by this weekend. By next week for sure. I'll give you guys a few spoilers since I'm the worst person ever and haven't updated since aug...sorry _ This chapter is Jack centric BUT don't lose hope Tristan fans. We find out a little bit more about the past and what happened between Jason and Sam. Its a shock I don't think you'll be expecting and if you guys have felt sure that Jack is the hero, you may find yourself questioning that in this chapter...

I swear I'll get it up ASAP.


update 1/14/09

Just started the next chapter finally. Put the torches down! I know! I know! Things...have just been really bad being and art major in college = 15 art works in 2 weeks. I switched majors though. I'm in Psych now so maybe I'll have more time. Thanks for all the reviews and adds. It really helps.


Update 7/7/08

Thanks for all the reviews and adds and yes Jack fans I hear you making noise LOL. I'm trying to update, but thanks to my habit of picking up a notebook and writing important things on whatever page I open to (sometimes right in the middle of a brand new notebook) I cannot find the outline to Love Letters! I have to rewrite the whole thing UGHHHHH!


Update 7/2/08

Ok so it took ages but YES I DID update Love Letters! I also just found out that the spell check I was using is screwy. I ran one of my posted chapters through my new spell check and was like WHOA. Lots of red. So I will now have to go back and re-edit all my posted chapters. Wonderful. I will get to work on the next chapter though as soon as I hear from some of you so I know which direction I should go. I also just re-posted fresh versions of all the 'Darkness' chapters and they are all error free. Three cheers for that. Weeeell I have been up for 35 hours straight so I hope you all enjoy the updates. Review and I will be more willing to do all this work :P


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