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What is a Cashew? It is a half-Catholic, half-Jewish person that have been emerging in recent generations.

About us (yes, there are two of us):

We like the movie Rent, and have been working on the story of Middleway since we were about 8. We both have brown hair and just finished work at a boring place (called CCH. It's a legal publisher and we work in the tax law).


Omar Frego: (July 16)(November 12)(December 31)
Dark brown hair, blue eyes, somewhat overweight and is a born leader. His mom is the person who keeps him going at times and he's basically in love with Kristen.

Vic Marsten: (July 23)(December 17)
Long blonde hair, acid green eyes, and tall. DITZ! She is a Junior Space Knight in training, doesn't pay much attention to anything except her clothes, shoes, and jewelry, yet still manages to help out against the evil Genie Pearl.

Kevin Harris: (July 30)(July 20)
Short brown hair, brown eyes, and all around average. Harris (as he is called) is the most sensible of the V-Club members and just a plain old nice guy.

Michael Dalton: (August 6)
Short dark brown hair, gray eyes, tall, and lean. Michael doesn't care too much about anything, but that only plays to his advantage as everyone believes that he is the peak of cool.

Adrian Montopeia: (August 13)(November 5)
Bright blonde hair, light green eyes, and a few fries short of a happy meal, Adrian is the epitome of blonde. When it comes to Adrian's mind, two things matter: designer labels and boys, specifically one of Omar's good buds.

Mickey Lorce: (August 20)(November 19)
Messy medium brown hair, honey eyes, and average all around. Mickey is one of Omar's best friends and is usually reliable except when it comes to being on time.

Kristen Garson: (August 27)
Long, straight dark brown hair, turquoise eyes, and the thin cheerleader type. Kristen is born to be popular, has Adrian as her best friend, and has an eye out for an overweight born leader.

Lisa Moore: (September 3)(December 10)
Curly dirty blonde hair, light blue eyes, and a little on the short side. Lisa is all of what it means to be a Junior Space Knight, even if she's debating flirting with a certain V-Club member in her class.

Evan Finn: (September 10)
With his medium brown hair and blue eyes, Evan is the every girl's dream guy, at least every short girl. As the shortest of the V-Club members, he sure does have a big mouth.

Travis Tide: (September 17)
Dark blonde hair, sea green eyes, and freckled face, Travis is the tallest of the V-Club members, and the most prone to cause a commotion purposefully. Travis has got one true passion, football.

Laurna Kikitu: (September 24)
Thick reddy-brown hair, indigo eyes, and a fiery personality that would knock anyone out of their socks. Laurna's got more energy in a single finger than most people have in their whole bodies, and she's not afriad to use it.

Leslie Park: (October 1)
Brown hair, brown eyes, and just slightly shorter than average. Leslie's got one love in her life, and that's soccer, with her friends a close second on her priority list.

Stephanie Carson: (October 8)
Wavy light blonde hair, emerald green eyes, and has an athletic build. Stephanie tends to be shy in public except around her best friend Leslie and her other close friends. She does, however, have one plain old nice guy on her mind.

Jonathon Duffles: (October15)
Dark brown mushroom cut hair, light brown eyes, and is extremely short. Jonathon can be described by one word, annoying. He is obsessed with the V-Club and would do anything to be a part of it.

Zach Reynolds: (October 22)
Spikey blonde hair, blue eyes, tall and lean build. Zach's looks may have caught the eyes of many girls, especially Kristen's best friend, but he is more into sports and hanging out with his friends at the moment.

Scott Danier: (October 29)
Dark hair with natural red highlights, light blue eyes, and just about average height, Scott isn't the most verbal person around. However, talkative or not, he's still got a neighbor that would make anyone cringe.

Tim Pone: (November 26)
Spiked dark blonde hair, shifty green eyes, and taller than most others, Tim's main goal in life is to cause chaos, which he does very well. His name strikes fear into the hearts of teachers. Under it all, he's a mixture of jock and geek.

Terry Peterson: (December 3)
Spikey light brown hair, brown eyes with blue flecks, and an average body, Terry is crazy and has Tim as a best friend. With the two of them together, you never know what lethal trap you'll fall into.

Kevin Rose: (December 24)
Dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, short and thin, Rose isn't exactly a threat to anyone. However, as a V-Club member, he does have some leverage, as well as an eye on another certain short blonde girl.

Rusty Stewart: (February 21)
Mushroom cut brown hair, light green eyes, and is an average guy. Rusty is Omar's friend who is stuck at Robin Lake while all his friends went to Middleway. Even though he's at a different school, Rusty has yet to come into his own but still is a good friend.

Janice Keating: (November 16)
Wavy, thick auburn hair, chocolate brown eyes, and a slim, athletic build. Janice is crazy, especially when Laurna's around. She's not afraid to be herself and stick up for her friends when they need her.

Alex Peters: (July 3)
Short, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and average all around. Alex is a pretty laid back guy who is happy just to go with the flow. He is the only one who Scott really talks to and interprets this to the rest of the group.

Keri Conrad
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