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Author has written 7 stories for Romance, Young Adult, Life, and Mystery.

Amy. 19. College student (official). Creative on blast. I'm happy we have an air conditioner now. I'm an optimistic pessimist. There aren't enough hours in a day or years in my life to waste on shit.

Please take the time to read and review. My style is bittersweet, tragic, realistic. Oh and romance :

I'm a sucker for a good romance story so if you got any good ones recommend please.

10/09/09: NEW ONE SHOT! STEWIE IS ON FIRE. I wrote it because I wanted to understand some things better. I can honestly say I don't understand much, but I will soon. Sims 2 rocks. It's late GOOD NIGHT!

I have two story ideas (three actually) going around in my head. Here goes it:

- Remember that song, Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon? I love it and this song is based off the idea (is that copyright infringement?). I've had this idea since I was twelve. Anyway: Our main character (whose name is scribbled in a book somewhere) has a knows exactly what she wants in her perfect guy. She's not asking for much (because that would be grossly unrealistic and too hard to find), just ten simple things (scribbled in a notebook somewhere). Her best friends think she should get over it and date one of the guys that like her. But she perseveres and sticks to her goals. And then miraculously, a boy transfers to her school and into her class and based off of her observations, he pretty much is her perfect guy! So she goes out with him and they fall in love and then THE END! Haha just joking this is me, remember? The only problem is, is that she doesn't like him and isn't attracted to him. Now this wouldn't be a real Amy story without a love triangle and tragedy So in comes our other main man. Some badass who's loosely acquainted with the main girl. He is everything opposite from her ideals and he loves to taunt her with it. She doesn't understand but she finds herself attracted to him (I know, so cliche right? But that's not how we do). She struggles between which boy she wants to be with and doesn't understand why her hormones are screwing around with her. Everyone is telling her opposite things, that Perfect Guy is so awesome and sweet and that Bad Ass Guy is violent and cruel. But she sees Bad Ass Guy's nice side and feels safe in his embrace. And she also meets Perfect Guy's possessive side and deludes herself into thinking that he might be psychotic (I'm not saying he is). And I don't know how this story ends or where the tragedy unfolds.

- This is from the summer. I call it: The Summerhouse. I also have a scribble book dedicated to this. Anyway: Grandmother has just died so our main character girl flies back to her house to clean things up. She has a month to sort her grandmother's affairs, finalize her mother's fourth (or fifth) wedding, and get ready to start college. In her cleaning she discovers an old diary and begins to read about her grandmothers troubled past and the love story of her and her real grandfather. She also has a cute dog whom she takes for walks at night. The neighborhood is quite and peaceful and resembles the area in which I take my own doggy for walks (or used to). Anyway, on one of her walks, she meets these two boys. She becomes emotionally attached and involved with one of them, and sees the other as a really good friend. As the summer wanes on and countless adventures ensue, she realizes that while she's infatuated with her boyfriend, she really loves his best friend (LOVE TRIANGLE!). And there was more I had to say about this. I'm also throwing in some mystery, a curse, romance, and awesome friends.

There was a third. But I forgot--wait I remembered! But it's 9:05 p.m. and I have homework. Maybe next time. Anyway, if your reading this and care, please P.M. me and tell me what you think.


Can We Take A Ride? (HIATUS)

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Stewie is on Fire

One Shots

The Acts of Love

Amazing Blue Eyes



Ignorance or Choice?

I have more. I should upload. (No, that is not the title, but it'd be a cool poem :D)

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Stewie is on Fire
Devin Daniels’ name is on everyone’s lips. People love him, envy him, and pray for his swift recovery. What do I owe to this boy that I’ve “known” for seven years of my life but have only “talked” to…maybe three times? Just my life. Still editing.
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