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Her fingers are poised elegantly over the keyboard of her laptop, once again she is uncertain of what precisely to put in her profile. A name seems logical, but that is already displayed at the top of the page. Seconds later, as she gazes out her window at the rain, inspiration strikes. She proceeds to type...

You should probably care that I have exams and revision to do. Therefore the chances of me updating anything from now on for three weeks is minimal.

You must have no life if you are reading this...But I suppose I shall tell you a bit about me. I have no soul. My life time want is to fulfill every sin. I am freaky. You better accustom yourself to it. Being 14 years old, I am a mass of maturity (note the sarcasm) and delight in being as harsh to complete strangers. I have anger issues. I blame myself for everthing. Chances are I will hate you for no real reason, as I hate at least 90 of the population. You can find a list of people I hate...if you look hard enough. Considering anger managment should most probably be on my to do list. It doesn't not take a lot to make me lose my rag, so do not even attempt to annoy me. Glowing Violet is the one story I would LOVE to publish, in fact I plan it to be a series. You can probably assume my tastes in films are to the darker side of things, but I still cannot fathom how anyone can find The Exorcist scary...Nothing scares me, some things unsettle me, but it is never genuine fear. Except with needles. And heights.

Linkage to Dedication To The Dead

Episode 4-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgiAQ9pIa_8

For those who have no idea what I am on about, DTTD is the sims 2 series that explores the world of ghosts, vampires, etc. The story centers around October Winters, a girl who is trying to recover from her father's death, and how she comes to see the spirit world. October inlists in the help of school freak Olive Branch, and her best friend and lesbian Bex Bell.

You may not believe me when I say this, but I WILL CONTINUE DESENDED! I know...I haven't updated it in a while, but believe me I will. I will be rewriting it first though. Same goes for every other story expect two, sadly I will NOT be continuing with The Shadows That Haunt Me or Lost memories. Well...that's a lie really. The idea follows up later in the series after Glowing Violet.

Currently in progress:


Rayne and Leon meet in a strip club, neither expects to witness a murder. They both saw what killed that man, but neither will admit it to the police. Rayne cannot leave things alone, and tries to track the murderous vampire with the help of Lilly the tall red head Goth chick. The Vampire denies killing that man, and with his stunning powers they soon uncover a strange series of murders. Is Rayne REALLY falling for the vampire? Or is he using magic to win her affection...Welcome to Lilly and Rayne. The private detective agency, specialty the supernatural.

How to kill a vampire and not get away with it

I thought that killing the worlds strongest, most intelligent vampire would be a walk in the park. Yeah, I scraped out of the situation by the skin of my teeth. Blew his brains to Hong Kong. But someone out there isn't a happy bunny...You know, I think they might just be a little peed about this little case of moyder.

An/ This may be my fav, seriously.

Coming soon...

Year 2010, America launch an attack on South Britain, no one knows their reasons why. Amongst the torture, John fights for his survival losing his family in the process. A man and a woman stand by and watch from a tall tower, the woman points at John. Filled with grief he is taken to a concentration camp, where he moves up the ranks till he earns enough to move in next door to the mysterious disabled man Cameron. Together they discover what the man and woman were trying to tell them, and how they hope they can save a dying secret...

Stories that are not going to be picked up again for some time...:

The Shadows That Haunt Me:

AN/ As I said before, you will find a very similar storyline in the second book of Cassie's tragic tale.

Blaine Herod is over 400 years old, and only Osiris is permiting her to live this long because she is destined to kill death. But with a pregnant roomate carrying his child, a man she knows she can never give her love to, and Death and Theo stalking her 24/7 she is finding it impossible to relax. But when Kalika is born Carlos is kidnapped, and Blaine is willing to risk everything to save him.

More later..


Q: Will you read my story?

A: If I have time, and I normally expect a review in return and vice versa.

Q: Will you be my beta reader?

A: No.

Q: I am uncertain what you meant in your review...

A: Then contact me and ask me. Send the review as well, I cannot recall every one I have ever submitted.

Q: Does your user have anything to do with 'Celtic'

A: No. It was a random name that I have gone by for years, and a name I plan to publish under.

If you ever want to contact me, these ways are faster than email.

PM me on youtube-Catgirlandit

NM me on neopets-Celtsea131313

Or visit my site and leave a message there. www.TheSevenDeadlySins.piczo.co.uk

Trust me, these ways are FASTER than email. I blocked emails from fp a long time ago, because it was flooding my inbox.

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