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This is my second Fictionpress, my other one compossed of mostly poems and forgotten stories I wanted to turn a new leaf and post a story that I will actually complete, so that is what I shall use this page for. It's a saturday nights, I'm seventeen, yet I'm stuck at home, writing. I dont think I'd have it any other way...

A little About Me... This is just some incessive rambling. Dont hold this against me if you think it's boring!!

My writing name is Destiny. I prefer not to go by my real name because then people might link my writing back to myself and assume I'm like the characters I write about. While I find nothing wrong with this, there are the incessive people in this world who lack imagination, who lack dept, and assume because I write this, I am this. Because I write about rape, I must have been rapped. Because I write about being alone, I must be alone.

Sorry to all of you people: but that's not completely the case for me.

I write how I feel, I write what I dont feel. I write the story I feel needs to be to told, or simple the story that pops into my mind at three in the morning when my eyes are finally drifting closed. (Wow that wasn't suppose to rhyme but it did:)...

Anyway, I go Destiny, or MazeRunner, or even SisterKitty. I'm seventeen years old and my favorite color is green, not that you probably care. I know I read people's bios and they say music is their life, but that isn't the case for me. I love music, it's a beautiful thing. But words are my life. Music, poetry, writing, drama and everything one could think of when it comes to words. I identify with music, but so does everyone else. My favorite band of all time is The Used.

If you want to know something about me follow me on tumblr or shoot me an email, I'll defentely reply :)

http:/// or dmikenno@


The greatest thing has happened! And when I say greatest, I actually mean the worst. I have lost all memory to my stories on my computer. This isn;t only completely frustrating, it's heartbreaking. Nevertheless the show goes on. Lilly Happened should be updated soon, though I don't know when considering I'm slightly upset. For now, signing off.

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My Sanctuary
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