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Authors Note:

Hello All!

Well if there is anyone left.

I have essentially been gone from writing for about 5 years. I have finally gotten my life a little less hectic (as much as a college student can) and I have begun to write again. However, I am writing under a new name and new account. I am doing so because this is a new start for me and I am in a different part of my life than I was when I wrote these stories. I will leave this account up so people can read what is here, but as of now I am not planning on continuing any unfinished stories I have. If I do one day decide to I will completely scrap them and start over. I want to thank all of the lovely, lovely people who supported me for so long on here and I deeply apologize for disappearing for so long.

If you would like, you can hop over to my new page and check out my new story I am working on.

Here is the link to the new story:

And the link to my new profile:

Once again thank you all and I hope you can continue on with me as I reignite this part of my life that I loved so much once before and have rediscovered my passion for.

I guess if you took the time to click on the link to my profile I could at least take the time to tell you a bit about myself and my stories, so here we go.


Gender:The name gives it away don't you think? But for those of you that are still confused: Female


Location:Kentucky... and yes we have more than horses and we DO wear shoes... most of the time...

Likes:Writing(obviously) Reading(again, obvious) shopping, talking, hanging with friends, listening to music, tennis, fashion, and boys. =

Dislikes:Math, angry customers, homework, power outages, and liars.

My Creations

Mafias are Good at Keeping Secrets COMPLETE

Yes Sir! I am a Girl! Chapter 20 added 7/9/09

My Not So Average Life Chapter 13 added 7/12/09

Captured Princess HIATUS 1/2/09

A Collection of Poetry

Currently I am working on finishing my three incomplete stories and two stories I have yet to put up on here (and won't until at least two of the other three are finished). I do write poetry but not very often, what I do have put up isn't very good in my opinion, but just how my feelings were at the time being. I want to tell you right now that I am not out to become the best writer in the universe, I simply write because I enjoy it, and hopefully others will enjoy reading it. I LOVE hearing from my readers either in reviews, e-mail, or on my website (which can be found at the bottom of this page) It gives me warm fuzzies knowing there are people out there that actually like what I write! When it comes to reviews I take anything! ANYTHING! One word reviews, lengthy reviews, advice, critique, praise and of course the infamous flame!

Just as a side note and a precaution...

All of my creations are copywrited and if anyone tries to steal them or reproduce them as their own ideas they will suffer the consequences! Legally of course... I'm not going to hunt them down and rip their faces off... however tempting that may be. Remember kids plagerism is illegal!

Thanks for visiting my page, reading my stories, and the reviews! You all are amazing people and I love you all so much for all of your support!


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