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Remember these? I don't know if you've signed them yet but...YOU'D BETTER!!!
Umm...Please? I'll be a very sad little chicken if you don't. i just don't know what to do about my story 'Abuse' yet. i'm halfway through writting my lemon scene, :Winces: but i'm not sure where to put it yet. maybe i'll check out

anyways...i love DBZ! Huzzah! i'm very happy because soon i'll have all of DB, and DBZ on VHS. Then i can start collecting them in DVD, ne? Oho ho ho ho ho ho! My poor mom, she is sooooooo sick of Anime. poor me... T.T I can't
watch Anime unless I'm alone. :sniff:

But DBZ isn't my only Anime...no no no. i love Sailor Moon, Digimon, Slayers, Trigun, Fruits Basket, Magic Knight Rayearth, Inuyasha, and about a BILLION others! but really, i don't have the time, and i'll bet you don't have the patience to read them all. Am i right?

:crickets chirp in the background:

Yeesh! Don't make me feel loved or anything guys.

In addition to my love of Anime i love...STAR WARS!!!!! Yeah! my mommy bought me Mace Windu's lightsaber, i'm sooooooooo happy! :glomps lightsaber, accidently turns it on, and runs away dodging the "blade":


But also, in addition to Anime AND Star Wars, there is MY movie. ok, i would like to claim ownership but...i'd get sued. But it was made the year i was
born! ^_^ Doesn't that count for anything?

In fact it was made June 27th, 1986, can anyone guess what it is? I'll give you a hint: It was made in England, by Jim Hensen, Brian Froud, and Stephen Spielburg. umm...did i spell those names right?
still can't guess? The two main characters were played by David Bowie, and Jennifer Connelly.
ok, ok...since no one can guess...it's the Laybrinth.

:sighs: ahhh...i love that movie. Also Lord of the Rings, but that's for a different reason. My best friend's name is Mithril. isn't that just the coolest thing. She kept saying, "I was ALL over Frodo."
:giggles: she'll probably kill me for putting this in but go read her stories! Her name is SSJ_Sky, and she's really, REALLY good! and i don't care what other people say, she kicks bootie!

sorry if i've scared any of my readers away. i'm a little hyper, and a little sick to. In fact i've got a fever and have been kinda deliriouse lately. so you can't blame me if i go off and say random things, like calling my sister the Big Cheese. That was a randomness i didn't mean to happen. Phew! i'm getting tired. Sleep sounds really good right now doesn't it?

-o-: ZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzz...
Nene: *blinks* um...Kay?
-o-: ZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzz...
Nene: I think you need to go to bed. you still have to work tomorrow. I'll be right back! *drags B4V to har bed and wraps her up in blankets*
-o-:ZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzz...no...i dun wanna go back to school. people there can bite me...ZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzz...
Nene: (O.O) o-k-aaa-y...

Um...she would also like to thank Android18, if you read this you're one of her favorite authors. She's really impressed with your stories.

LavenderGodessv: When 'Falling in Love the First Time' got deleted she almost started crying. she kept saying stuff like, "nooooooo! i never got to finish it!!!!!!!!!!" then she would brake down crying.

B-chan: we can't get back to your web site! i never got to see your pictures but Kay, um...i mean B4V kept saying they were really good. so we went to take a look and it was gone! She was sooooo ticked because her dad had just made her delete like half of your pictures, kept saying they were taking up to much space. so we were wondering if you're going to fix your website sometime soon. please?

anyways! i don't know what else she would want to put up here, she's snoring away on the couch. the medicine must have made her really tired. so thanks to al people who have ever reviewed! you're great! and lovies!

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