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My name's Erin, but my pen name is Coleer, and I'm eighteen, graduated high school, and almost crazy. I live in a town in the middle of nowhere and writing is my escape into a world under my control. My love for writing started out when I was little, my first story was titled Freedom, and well let's just say it wasn't very good. Then I went on to write family stories with my dad, mom, and younger brother. They were funnier, if completely strange. Now, I think I write a lot better and hopefully will continue to improve. Here's a little bit more about me...

Looks: Well I'm short, brown hair/eyes (but you probably don't care about that)

Attitude: Spunky, fun, caring, sarcastic (i know, great combination lol)

Mind: Very strange, sometimes scary (but im sure everyone's like that)

Strange Habits: I bite my nails, talk to myself or have whole conversations (the latter is usually to solve a problem, im not crazy i promise)

Likes: dolphins/horses/shopping/writing (duh)/reading/designing clothes (i want to be a fashion designer) music: i think it is so important to your daily life to have your own soundtrack (or several in my case) and I never write stories without listening to music and having candles nearby. I just can't, think it helps me connect better with the emotion of the story when i have music playing. Plus its relaxing...stimmulating...etc etc.

Here's where I've gotten the inspirations/ideas for some of my stories:

Number One Enemy: I was bored at school one day and decided to write a fan fiction, the stupid internet blocked that site, so I ended up posting it here. I'm actually glad of that and the fact that it's now 100 percent original and on here.

Second Greatest Enemy: What can I say? I had inspiration and some people wanted a sequel. I think it turned out pretty good.

Compromising With Jedi's and Dragons: I had to write a short story for Creative Writing and was out of ideas. I once had to do a project working with a bunch of different people who didn't get along and the story kind of wrote itself. The characters are based on extremely cliched people who actually go to my school.

Soul Drivers: A short sci fi story I wanted to try a different approach to my usual fortay. Not my best work, but great potential. Maybe I'll work on this and change it for the better someday.

Transformation: Writers block from Summer After High School. Its turning into one of my (however self-porclaimed) best stories. I had (well have) a clear theme in mind. Anyone reading this story please keep in mind Meagan is a very young impressionable girl, and the heroine of this story =) i wont say anymore.

Summer After High School: Well I thought when I was a sophmore what it would be like to spend a summer with all my buddies my senior year. Then I realized all my friends are either younger or older so it would never happened, but I can dream. This one's hard cuz it has six main characters and six stories for each, plus I'm struggling in school, I'll finish this one day.

Synopsis For A In-Work Novel:

This is a story idea I have that I'm writing that I'm not sure what to do with. I really think this book has the potential to make it to print. I'd like to try to be an author, I really would. I think a variety of people would enjoy this story and relate to the characters (however unreal they are). Anyways here's a small discription. I'd love it and appreciate it for you to tell me what you think about the idea/if I should veto this site and try real life print.

The Misfit Gang: Roommates

Jason is a typical college freshman nerd whose only concerns are:

1) How to pay for his bills now that his mom's written him off and he's now on his own

2) How to survive hours of pointless philosphy class and his minimum wage job at Charlies's Fish Bucket

3) How to get Carrie, the beautiful college sophmore who's completely out of his league

4) And how to deal with five crazy new roommates who are a. all girls and b. just may not be human

Whoever said life after high school was easy was seriously kidding themselves!

Some of my writing heros:

Meg Cabot- Her stories are so addicting, they can be somewhat supernatural but the characters are always very down to earth and three dimensional. I recomend Mediator, a great series. But any of her books will do. I've actually started to collect them. I found my style of writing is similar to hers. Although the Princess Diary series isn't my favorite if I could meet her I would so totally die. Period.

Sarah Dessen- Her stories are about girls going through lifes problems, just like we all are. They are witty charming and sometimes sad. It's like a great pick me up. Hunkering down with some tea/hot cocoa/coffee with a warm blanket and her book. Perfect. I recommend The Truth About Forever or Someone Like You. I need to get ahold of her new one.

Amazing Quotes:

"The heart is not a plaything, the heart is not a toy, but if you want it broken give it to a boy."

"Always borrow money from a pessimest, they never expect to get it back."

News Update As of 11/9/08:

I am now starting up my own fashion line called My Fair Vanity which will very soon be up for sale online through myspace at If you have an interest in fashion, design, or new/amazing/one-of-a-kind clothes/outfits I highly advise you to check out the site. If you know someone with the formentioned intrests tell them about it. It's a great site dedicated to the new clothing line and fashion in general if you have no wish of buying anything. See you there!

Please enjoy my stories and tell me what you think, or if you have any questions feel free to contact me. I'm happy to answer questions and love meeting people

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