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I don't pretend to think that people are interested in my life, so I will not be posting information about me, unless there are people who actually care. I personally love to read people's stories, but aside from my friends, could give a damn about who writes them. So, without further ado, I shall post information about characters that you may want to know and how I create them.

Name: Adrian E. Robinson
Story: I Hate Feather Pillows
Age: Seventeen
Characteristics: Charming, Subservient, Meticulous, Indifferent
Result: He is always Polite, if put in control of anything does not like to be in control, he is always very through when he things of things, such as worry, and when he feels like do something is is always very careful with details. Indifference to punishment, he never really pays attention when he does something and doesn't really notice punishment, because he is so caught up in his thoughts that when something happens he forgets that it is happening as a result of something. although with Kian around he doesn't have much more Punishment than the stuff Kian dishes out.
Quirks: Refuses to wear glasses, Smokes Cigarettes
Mother's Maiden Name: Cambron
Favorite Food: Corn with chocolate sauce.
Birthday: June 11th
Family: One sister, Mother, Step mother, and Father. Grand-parents on father's side refuses to associate with him, grandfather on mother's side dead and grandmother doesn't speak english, and lives in Sweden.
Heritage: Swedish and English
Lives in: Mostly the US
Appearance: Glasses, Freckles, Blonde hair with black highlights (Or darklights), brown eyes. Very skinny. Wears a lot of girl pants and scene kid things. Hair is very straight and cannot curl. It's about to his chin in his front, short in the back. He has scars all over his body, except for his face from his past.

Name: Kian B. Poole
Story: I Hate Feather Pillows
Age: 18
Wily, Clumsy, Sadistic, Short-sighted, Ornery
Result: Well, he is very Wily if you think about it. Everything he does seems to be thought out, even though it is rather quickly. Clumsy sort of got pulled out, it didn't fit my character the way I wanted to when I originally pulled that one. Sadistic, he is, he doesn't hesitate to inflict pain on other's in the slightest, although he isn't as sadistic as a true sick person. He is short-sighted, despite the fact that he is cunning and thinks things a bit, he doesn't think like Adrian and his results, such as his dad getting so angry at him for punching out Terri are not really seen, and if they are he doesn't seem perturbed by the fact that he will be punished for his actions. I think it's the first, he hates annoyance, which brings us to Ornery, where he cannot stand anything annoying and when he has to put up with something he doesn't like he gets irritated, which reflects his 2nd face, for it seems that occasionally Adrian is a bit don't think?
Quirks: Picky-eater, Insomniac.
Favorite Food: Capers
What Would Kian Do if He was Cheated on: He might shrug and break up with the person. Most the people Kian dates are for convenience. I'm not going to comment on his relationship with Erik, it is slightly different than most of his relationships, but if I say anything about it more it will ruin the plot.
If an ultimate power granted Kian three wishes, what would they be: He would probably ask for all the stupid people to commit suicide in various funny ways, have a contest to judge who had the funniest, and then ask for an easy death, because he doesn't want to suffer when he dies.
What would Kian do if he found someone he actually liked?: He would probably be extra protective of them, more than other people, but still be himself. He would never let that person get hurt, even if they wanted to get hurt, and never let that person out of his sight, or if they were out of his sight, he would make sure he knew exactly where they are at all times.
Does Kian believe in love at first sight: Surprisingly yes. He believes if he is suited for someone he will know immediately. That doesn't mean he is going to go out with them, it just means he believes he will know. Kian is very strange.
Would Kian rather go to a party or have a romantic evening: He rather read. And no, he will not be forced to choose one. What are you idiots?
Kian Answers Strange Questions:
1) If you try to fail and succeed, what have you done?
-Nothing you idiot.

2) How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?
-That answer is so obvious. It's because one doesn't know the fire is going and the other is trying to keep it from spreading everywhere. Next you are going to ask me how come a few careless votes can elect an idiot such as George W. Bush, and why thousands of purposeful votes can overlook the better canidate.

3) Why is the time when the traffic is slowest called rush-hour?
-Because the idiots that are driving are in a rush to get where they are and therefore everyone gets stuck in the same spot beeping horns pointlessly. Too little space for too many cars. It's a funnel effect.

4) What's the speed of dark?
-The opposite of the speed of light, because dark is the absence of light.

5) If physics can predict lottery numbers, why are they still working?
-Idiots, it's spelled psychics, not not physics, that is a type of science. The answer is they are all frauds.

6) If you run backwards will you gain weight?
-No, you are still exerting energy.

7) If Barbie is so popular, why do you need to buy her friends?
-Well, one, she is not popular, but if you consider her popular you might consider she is part of 'human' trafficking because you also had to buy her, therefore you have to 'rescue' her friends from being sex slaves. Next?

8)What happens when you get scared half-to-death twice?
-Well obviously since so many people get scared half-to-death you recover as soon as you say it. Like a video game. So nothing, you just get scared.

9)Can a blind person feel blue?
-Can a brain-dead person die? Yes.

10) How do you know when a Smurf suffocates?
-Turns red. They obviously have their blood oxygenated so that it turns blue with oxygen, so they must turn red when they suffocate. Logic. Idiots.

Got a good question for Kian or Adrian, or want to know about other characters? Ask... Thats all for now FOLKS! Tata!

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