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Why, hello.

I am a rather twisted—hence the name— sort of fellow, who can’t seem to write anything without everybody dying at the end, and I like to use fun words such as fellow to describe myself.

I have a phobia of my father seeing anything that I’ve written, and I enjoy climbing tall cliffs on a remote island without a harness.

I am petrified of heights.

Disney makes me laugh, books make me cry, my friends make me want to shoot myself.

I have a curious fixation on all things Les Mis, and an obsession with the word mischievous.

I do Relay for Life every year, and every time I type the word ‘for’ I need to retype it, because I always write ‘fro’. Barring that last time, but that was because I was trying.

I love to scheme and think of grand ideas for stories and books, but I never follow through, unless I find myself stuck in a bathroom with a computer without internet and a gun.

I have attacked someone with a plunger before (guess the situation).

I like to sail, read, and smell tea.

I am a bookworm and a not-so-in-the-closet nerd. Don’t believe me? I read Shakespeare. Willingly.

I am taking down Born to Be because it sucked, and am going to put up my NaNoWriMo novel when I get around to it, once the editing is done. I like this a lot more than I did Born to Be.

My one-shots are awfully depressing, and I haven’t looked at them in a long, long while, but read them if you wish.

In fact, if you don’t want to be depressed, you really ought to leave this page right now. I already said: I have an inability not to kill off my characters at the end of things. Even if I don’t mean to, it happens somehow.

I love, love, love constructive criticism, and if you give me help on my work I will repay the favor whenever I find the chance… or I will take pains not to return the favor, if that’s what you want. But don’t bother with the one-shots, I’m never looking at them again.

I love the Cheshire Cat and I maintain that Alice in Wonderland is the scariest movie ever made.

Adding on to my unhealthy obsessions, my favorite play is Sweeny Todd. No, I have not seen the movie, NO, I did not decide this when I found out that Johnny Depp played Sweeny. It’s been my favorite since last year.

Yes, the cannibal thing makes me laugh, in a morbid, rather disturbing way.

Happy Unbirthday!

... Unless it's your birthday, in which case I can have no fun in my Alice in Wonderland allusion.

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