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Name: C.A Sangster

Age: 19

Interests And Hobbies: Reading, Books, Writing, Classical Art, Painting and Drawing, Swimming, History, Movies, Talking and Laughing with friends and Sleeping =D

Where I'm From: I Live In Auckland, New Zealand.

Favourite Books: Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen, The Tea Rose - Jennifer Donnelly, The Queen's Fool - Philippa Gregory, The Borgia Bride - Jeanne Kalogridis, Fingersmith- Sarah Waters, I Capture The Castle- Dodie Smith, Letters From An Age Of Reason - Nora Hague, The Bronze Horseman - Paullina Simons, The City Of Masks - Mary Hoffman, The Vampire Diaries Series - L.J Smith. Thats All I can think of right now..

Favouite Authors: Philippa Gregory, Jeanne Kalogridis, Isobelle Carmody, Mercedes Lackey, Kate Elliot, Jennifer Donnelly, Sarah Waters, L.J Smith, Paullina Simons.

Study: I am currently studying nursing at Auckland University.

Anyway please leave reviews for my work I would really appreciate it .

Current Works:

'Mad, Bad and dangerous to know' - The life story of Lord Byron basically, he has always facinated me. I have done quite a bit of research on him so everything in this story should be acurate. I have placed this story on hold for the moment.

Water - This is based on a story i wrote as a young child. This is meant to be a two part story, I have also placed this on hold.

Evergreen Mansion: This is now complete. Basically its about a young vampire telling a girl the story of his life told from the point of view of the woman he once loved. Jane has always lived a perfectly normal life until one day two strange pale men arrive at their home. They claim to be quite close to the family but for some reason Jane is the only one who cannot recall any such connection. Her sister Mary is drawn into their world of murder and deceit. Even Jane herself cannot stop the inevitable involement. But when she meets the handsome Lord Louis she has to choose between love or survival.

A Contract marriage- I am currently working quite hard on this story, it bears some similarities to the korean drama Full House (only the marriage part, and the guy being a movie star) but the story is my own.

Georgina is robbed and left stranded in a foreign country, in a bar she meets the famous Actor Carlos De Vires and spins a lie to get him to lend her the money. She gives him her address not expecting him to bother her with the money. But as she soon finds out, he is filming a new movie in her home town of Auckland in New Zealand. Pulled into drama after drama involving her ex- fiance and his new gf she finds herself warming to the snobbish star. But the arrival of his ex flame and his brother complicates things, and not to mention their so called 'marriage'.

My Summer Of Love- Young Madison hates the social life given to her by her rich parents,upon meeting a gorgeous german man named Kurt she finds herself drawn to him. As much as she tries to resist his charms she finds herself married to him. But married life is not as she expected. Kurt is never home and leaves her alone in his cold mansion in Germany. Uncovering his dark secrets she knows she must escape. Using the outbreak of WWII she escapes back to England but finds all is not well. Her brother disappearance spurs her into action. Utterly convinced his disappearance has something to do with her husband she left behind she takes up her brothers identity and enters the british army.

In a world of death and despair she meets a young new zealand officer, but will she follow her heart or continue to search for her brother and get revenge of Kurt?

Upcoming stories:

I plan to make a prelude to Evergreen Mansion, i want to tell the story of Lucien and how it all began. This is called Midnight Roses. Check it out

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