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Hey there.

I'm a seventeen year old girl who writes from 12-5 AM, so forgive me if everything is kinda shitty. I cuss like a sailor, I'm easily fixated, I love writing gay romances for some reason and I love music.

Right now I'm on a serious poetry/song fix, but I'm still working on "Broken Mirrors and Black Cats" and another story is in the works, which isn't a strictly romance story.

My grammer and spelling suck naturally, so the way I write is really screwy. Without spell check I would die.

Favorite Songs: (I'm putting this down because music really influences my stories and because I fucking feel like it.)

A Perfect Circle: The Outsider, Weak and Powerless, Three Libra's, Blue, Judith, The Hollow, Imagine and Passive

Tool: Opiate, Prison Sex, Schism, Laterus, Sober, Aenima, Eulogy, The Grudge, The Pot, and Vicarious.

Breaking Benjamin: Away, Cold, Polyamorous, Follow, Breakdown and Shallow Bay, Diary of Jane

Lacuna Coil: Stately Lover, Circle, Hyperfast, Senzafine, To Live Is To Hide, Heaven's a Lie, Daylight Dancer, Unspoken,
Entwined, The Prophet Said, Angel's Punishment, and all of the CD Karmacode.

Jack Off Jill: Confederate Fag, Strawberry Gashes, Fear of Dying, Vivica, American Made, Lollirot, Star No Star, Nazi Halo

Scarling: Crispin Glover, Alexander the Burn Victim, Creep, Bummer, City Lights, Baby Dracula.

Otep: Possesion, Sacralige, T.R.I.C., Hooks and Splinters, Blood Pigs, Warhead, Buried Alive, Sepsis, Filthee, Tortured, Suicide Trees.

Aiden: The whole CD Nightmare Anatomy, especially Enjoy the View and Knife Blood Nightmare.

Janis Joplin: Take Another Peice of My Heart, Mercedes Benz, Ball and Chain.

Jefferson Airplane: White Rabbit, Good Morning, Vietnam

AFI: Miss Murder, 37mm, Days of the Phoenix, Silver and Cold, Girls Not Grey, Leaving Song Pt. II

Toto: Child's Anthem, Manuela Run, Georgy Porgy, You Supply the Love

Nightwish: Nymphomania Fantasia, Nemo, Crimson (Roll Tide)

Atreyu: Lip Gloss and Black, At Least I Know I'm A Sinner, Deanne the Arsonist, Dilated, A Song For The Optimists, Ain't Love Grand?, Tulips Are Better, Bleeding Mascara, Right Side of the Bed, Corseting, Demonology and Heartache, The Crimson, My Sanity on a Funeral Pyre, Ex's and Oh's, My Fork in the Road (Your Knife in My Back).

Random ones: Teenage Suicide and Save Me by Unwritten Law, Always by Dope; Where Is My Mind?, by the Pixies; Make Your Own Kind Of Music, by Mama Cass; Pepper, by theButthole Surfers; So Long, Jimmy by James Blunt; Rain, by Patty Griffin; Living Dead Girl, by Rob Zombie; Another White Dash, Butterfly Boucher

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