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"Practice is better than precept"
"Heaven's vengeance will not forget. Shrink tyrant from my words of fire, and tremble at a poet's ire." Two verses from the poet Firdowsi or Ferdowsi (transliterating Persian is tricky).

Simply put, Mercurial Weather is female and Mexican. But that really says nothing about who I am. Though there's no great mistery either, what you see is what you get. With that pen name and e-mail (quicksilver1847) what can you expect? I'm Mercurial, lots of mood swings. And 1847 was the year Bram Stocker first saw the light, so I love my vampires. I sometimes use the pseudonym Irene Adler (of dubious and questionable memory), so you might guess I love detective stories.

I’m also a rabid liberal, a moderate vegan, very politically aware, read-a-holic, crunching-number maniac and collector of odd encyclopedical bric-a-brac facts and trivia on physics, crime solving, art, history and semiotics. I’m blunt and I have an addictive personality. That has played against me, but those issues are now in the past. All of this has molded who I am and that usually shows in what I write. I am what I am, I have travelled a long way to come to terms with that and I'm not backing away ever again. I'm not a zealot, though. I will respect your right of having a pov and I will listen to it as long as you present it in a logical and respectful manner.

Oh, and be warned: I have what I'm told is a weird sense of humor, so what I think is funny is usually pretty disturbing for most people. Finally, though I couldn't play an instrument even if my life depended upon it, I love music and I do believe that it tells us a lot about the people who listen to it, so that's why my homepage is a playlist. My tastes are very... hmph... eclectic, and revealing. My kinder friends say that my musical taste is a rollercoaster ride not apt for the feeble hearted. Personally, I think they exagerate. What they call jeckil-and-hideness, I call heterogeneity. Anyway, try anything at least once, you may be surprised of yourself and like it. Oh, and I'm kind of into the dark side but I wane like the moon and I sway like the tides, so who knows what mood I'll be in if we ever cross paths?

If you need to contact me, the best way is to leave a message here

Crap! I've just noticed the new "feature". What the heck? Who needs a profanity filter? Fuck censorship!

Una amiga dijo k soy una chinche malinchista por k tengo mi profile en inglés. A mí me parecía lógico dado k la mayor parte de mis historias están escritas en inglés, pero nomás por no dejar, voy a incluir una parte de mi profile en mi idioma nativo.

Ok ¿quién es Mercurial Weather? Pues es una vieja que nació en México y que cuelga el sombrero en... lo siento, mi paranoia no permite decirle eso a desconocidos por internet. Esos datos, aunque todos son ciertos, no dicen nada de la persona k soy, pero la neta, si quieren saber algo toda la información k necesitan está en mis historias. Algunas son francamente autobiográficas (:P). Y con ese nombre de guerra y mi correo (quicksilver1847) la verdad es k no se requiere mucho para saber k soy un poco ciclotímica. Además, 1847 fue el año en k nacio Bram Stoker, con lo cual cualquiera con dos dedos de frente deduce k me encantan los vampiros y soy un poco darky. Mi homepage vive en un playlist, porque creo que los gustos musicales revelan mucho de quien somos...Así que si quieres echar una miradita, 'tas invitado.

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Take your pleasures where you can, just one request my dear friend, learn to lie better.
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Isn’t it funny? Half a life trying to please you and now I find all I have to do to disappoint you is breathe.
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