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GFuess what I hear about that MarkedBYMelinda chica-dee? She's back...but only posting one story on this account, thats right. One/1/uno/un/and-every-other- way-to-say-one! so yeah...get ready for...Maybe You Should See Some One About That.

Yes,'s a story about two struggling teens! WHOA!!!

Your life is spiriling out of control, there's no one to turn too and all your exits have been blocked so what do you do? Correct! Tell your therapist! Or her sixteen year old volunteer peer counsler which ever ones more convenant. Just remeber, don't hit on her while she's trying to talk to you about your incompetant father.

What else is there to say...oh right! Melinda is my name and since you've clicked on my profile you've entered my game!