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aka Meteor-Infinity: Swallow the stars with your power; dominate.

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aka Ace It's me! The writer formerly known as YJanZ-Providence! It's been one hell of a month, which caused me to delete most of my stories (AH1 chapter 1 the only survivor). It's a change of writing style, I guess, and I'm in the process of rewriting my old stories along my new ones. I'm good at action, but I hope to become more versatile in other categories. My new penname in my account is named Bullets over Flowers. (Bullets over Flowers)

aka Dark Revival I've been on this site about 3 months and it rocks! I'm NekoYoukai09 on my personal account. I generally write fantasy/manga stories. (Spiritbreaker)

aka Ragnarok: Letsee... I joined this site about seven months ago and it has been AWESOME, I mean, this is the only site where I can let my ideas out, and I was kinda surprised when people thought they were really good, well... I'm known as Ragnarok Elements on my true account. I'm basically known for some descriptive and awesome action, so check out mystories some time, I'll return the favor. (Ragnarok's Elements)

aka The Pestilence: I added the "the" because that's kinda part of the whole username thing. Thanks to Providence for inviting me. I'm more of a romance writer, but I like doing sci-fi and samurai stories with gravity-defying action as well. I draw my characters at my DeviantArt account "TheProvidence". It's just a coincidence in nicknames with Yjanz's. (The Pestilence)

aka The Madness: I'm not exactly sure for how long I have been on this site, but all I know is that I've thoroughly enjoyed it. I specialize in martial arts stories involving those who possess special abilities but I've been known to do a little razzle-dazzle with poetry. I'm known as Madness-Soldier on my other account, which has some pretty good martial arts epics. (Madness-Soldier)

aka Prodigy Known as Saint Narciso, I started an account on this site long time ago but didn’t really paid attention to it and deleted make long story short,I made a brand new account about two months ago and I am posting stories that I made long time ago. I am just an amature writer that one day wants to become pro. I put my stories in the manga section, because I don't know where else to put it since my stories are done in a unique style. (Koishii-sama)

aka Stargazer: Look, Ma! I made it! Top 'o the world! stony silence Ahem, as I was saying before that random looney jumped in and hijacked my keyboard (it wasn't me, honestly!), I am Stargazer, newest member of this awesome group...or am I not, and just too lazy to update my profile? Only true believers of the MI fandom will know! I started FP ages ago, but hiatus and limited net access made me stray from this wicked site and, of course, the possibility of joining the group sooner! Now I'm back and better then ever, with four stories to my name, and growing! Look out for my quirky style of humor, mercilessly attacking MI work soon! XDD (SympleSymon)

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Wish: Welcome to the Battle City reviews
An ancient tournament attracts the attention of young fighters. The objective: to be the last one standing. The prize? A single wish. crossovergroup collaboration
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Pointless Pointlessness True stories! reviews
WARNING! Not for those allergic to stories which melt the brain cells or allergy to funny stories. The writers of aka Meteor-Infinity unite! Funny stories of the lives of the group members, mostly hilarious and pointless! Read and review, we do the same.
Fiction: Humor - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,016 - Reviews: 11 - Updated: 8/9/2006 - Published: 8/8/2006