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Hey Everybody. At one point I wrote a lot and than I stopped for a while but I'm back on the writing train. I'm probobly not the best writer in the world but i'd apperciate it if you read my stories and reviewed them so I can get better. and if you have patience that might help cause I'm sometimes slow at writing. Okay so now the stories I have posted.

Dream Hunters is one I started a while a go and never finished and I plan on finishing it. it's about a law Enforcement that stops people from changing the past. they Hunters have to go into the past and stop something from happening that would change the future. it's a littel difficult to write so I'll probobly be slower on this story but I'll keep going. it's sort of like Minority Report but in a diffrent sense. they deal with future and these guys deal with the past.So Please read and review I highly apperciate it.

The next story, Everybody's Changing, is a story that i just started writing. I don't have a plan for an ending and i barely have a plot at the moment but I'm working on it. I just started writing and it'll work out. But it's going to revolve around a guy named Switch who is an awkward boy who says he can't die yet. his friends think it's a joke, but it ain;t. Please Read and Review once agian. It'll help me improve.

Another story is called A Day Late. After an accident a boy (Name undecided) only remember every other day. so he remembers what he does on Mondays, Wednesday, Friday, and Sundays. But the other days his split personality takes over.

Another story is called Teenagers. When the officers at an Juvinile jailhouse get word that the teenage inmates are planning the biggest jail break in history they get concerned. they send in officer (Name Undecided) to spy on them. But to keep his identity he must go along with the plan. But once he gets in too deep, it's hard to get out.

Another story is called Wake Me Up Inside. About a girl (Maybe, Name Undecided) when she goes to sleep she enters her own fantasy land. what she doesn't know is that it's real. This will be my first fantasy story so please bear with me. I'll do my best and please R&RT for all of them I would highly apperciate it

More stories will come I guarantee it. And if you review keep it clean cause I don't like it when people swear. And I thank all of the people who review a lot. PLEASE READ A REVIEW. It's what keeps me going sometimes.

I would like to thank obsession93 . She is one of my very good friends and she brought me back into writing stoires so I thank her. and I highly recommend reading her stories they are very good.

When a portal is discovered that connects earth with a another planet, it changes a scientists life when three kids come through it. He takes them in as his own. But there's more to these kids than meets the eye. and like all kids, they want to go home ;
Fiction: Sci-Fi - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,328 - Published: 11/8/2008