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CCX here. I finally decided to stop screwing around and put up an account here. I'm hoping you're going to like my story, Dream...because otherwise this pretty much isn't worth it! Okay, details about the real me:

Age: 24

Sex: I wish...Oh, right. Male.

Other than that, you just need to know that I'm completely nuts. And kind of lazy, which is why there will be missing chapters. Let me tell you right now, though, the first time that happens, it's no mistake.

You know, I really should put a bit more up here. Oh, wait...that would involve actually thinking about myself. Nope, I'm not willing to do always leads to depression...

AIM: SpiriTsunami (I'm rarely on, though.)

The following chapters of Dream are at least minorly edited in order to help meet a T rating: 8, 52, 117, 140, 143, 145

Due to the fact that most of my IRL friends don't have accounts here, or any real reason to get them, I have decided to allow anonymous reviews. It would still be greatly appreciated if all members signed in before reviewing, though.

I think I've got another fiction idea coming along, actually. I'm not sure if I'm going to put it up here or not; it depends on how well it turns out. See, unlike the short chapters of Dream, I plan on writing this one like something you'd actually find in a bookstore, or trying to, anyway, and if I can do it well enough, I'd like to try getting it published before falling back on letting it be seen for free up here. Yeah, I know...I'm greedy. It's a science fiction story called The Speciation of Man, and it begins in the not-too-distant future, right here in the USA. It should be a lot of fun, but like I said, while I have the basic idea, it may take awhile to flesh out the finer details necessary to making a good novel.


The Speciation of Man is on hold indefinitely, but I've got another new one, which will not be staggered the way Dream is. As I finish chapters, I put them up. For reasons I'm not quite sure of, I named the story after the setting, which I felt needed to be a school that doesn't actually exist. The story, Conn. A&M, is a far cry from the type of material found in Dream--so read at your own risk. I really do have a dirty mind...


Well, that was unexpected. When I set up that contrived plot occurrence in Conn. A&M, I didn't really count on those two teams meeting up in the final week of the regular season. This may complicate matters... Oh, well, I'll just ignore that fact. Stupid scheduling... Okay, no, it's unavoidable. I've got to make at least some changes to the originally planned chapter--or to my predictions of the entire season. My current playing-out of the season prevents my desired scenario of the Pats not having to meet up with the Colts on the way to the Super Bowl, because it has them as 4th and 5th seeds, respectively. Yes, insane, I know, picking the Colts as a wild card, but not to fear--they're still just as badass as ever, only now they're not alone. Ay, why did I even bother?


Another vacation, another new story idea. This one will be on hold for awhile, though, because it's a sort of spinoff of Dream and thusly needs to wait for the story to catch up. Question: What if instead of a story (or TV show, as it sometimes styles itself as), Dream was a d20 campaign? This story, You Can't Spell "Dream" Without a D and an M, will explore these made-up players, and evolve into something somewhat like the last vacationfic, except straighter.


Finally got Chapter 8 of Conn. A&M finished. For the record, it was written late yesterday into early today, and uploaded at 3:21 EST. If the Giants lose today, just know that they were still in the playoffs when I wrote it.


Wow...kind of goes kaboom, doesn't it? I prove prophetic about the matchup, only it turns out that the Giants ended up ruining the Patriots' perfect season. Why, why, WHY couldn't I have just rooted for the Giants to lose in the NFC playoffs like a normal Eagles fan, bitter about the inexcusable Week 14 home loss to a Big Blue team playing like absolute crap, knowing that had the Eagles won that game, they'd be in the playoffs instead of the Giants? But I digress. By letting too much time pass since the conception of the idea, I think that the "spin-off" will be canceled, and yet, the chapter that serves as a "pilot" for this spin-off will remain as it is. This will only make things even weirder, I suppose. I mean, maybe I could...I doubt it. It was fun, but I've already forgotten most of what I'd planned out. Kind of like with Conn. A&M. So...doubt it.


Dream may be getting its first fanfic--penned by yours truly, of course, and justified by the fact that it will be a crossover with an established title. Yes, shameless cross-promotion. Of course, I need to wait until more characters are introduced to run it properly, so it'll probably never happen--or else, by the time it does, it'll no longer be the first Dream fanfic. I'm also working on turning it into a real manga, which involves self-beta-ing the chapters desired and reworking them before submitting them to a friend I have who's an artist. I can do this, of course, because I'm now a registered Beta Reader. Way to put that nitpickiness to good use, right? In other news, a scene I'd had planned for Conn. A&M was stolen by the real world. I will now have to reference this event when I put the eventual chapter up, although the thing is, it would be kind of meta to do so now that the story is actually slightly in the past and this planned chapter would be set back in March or so. Details here.


The fanfic's on hold, of course. My latest vacation came and went with no new story ideas, although it did help to fuel some plans for the continuation of Conn. A&M. However, last night, I had another interesting dream. The characters I saw in my dream were from one TV show, the plot from a manga I'd recently been reading, and the mannerisms from yet another series of books. At least, that's where the connections I made led me. A little bit of shades of a different manga in one part, actually. With such scattered source material (which, oddly enough, also has a little bit of inspiration in the book of Genesis--yes, that book of Genesis), it seemed best to scrap all connections to all of them (except for the biblical reference, which was oddly essential to the plot) and create something anew. The result is Angels on Earth, which defies the normal CCX problems by not having chapters. Yeah, that's right; it's all done already. Read and review, please!


For the purposes of trying to draw more readers, Dream has been modified so that it can return to a T rating. A list of chapters that are at least minorly edited will be at the top of the profile.


The Book of Alania has successfully been separated from the Book of Kurolanime. This is good, because quite frankly, the Book of Kurolanime wasn't terribly good. Updating schedule will be on overdrive for now.


Sorry for not updating for over a year...I'll try to get back to it. Anyway, anonymous reviews have been disabled because I got a deluge of reviews this morning, got really excited when I saw it...and then opened one. In retrospect, they did seem to be bunched too close together to merely be a review after every chapter...yep, you got it. It was nothing more than a spambot.


Oopsies, did I say that Conn. A&M took place in 2007-2008? I must've meant 2011-2012. Go Patriots!

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