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(Ps...i don't believe on wasting my time on capital letters...sorry)


Hello. My alias is Atrix, and i've been on this writing site for quite a while now, producing an amazingly small amount of work in all my time here. I am a fun eccentric person, who lives to read write and do anything that involves art. I consider myself funny, as well as serious, hopefully you'll realize through my work that i do both. Just to let you know, if you like any of my stuff, you should prolly comment it, because if i find a lack of interest in one of my stories, i'll delete it, for fear that i have embarrassed myself. But anyways, i hope you enjoy my stuff. The whole reason I work on it is in the hope that someone will find that it's JUST what they wanted to read...or are at least a little interested.

If you like my stories then we probably have more than just that in common. I've visited the profile pages of most of my reviewers, and they all seem like people that i'd like in person.

Feel free to become one of them. I am always very receptive and appreciative of any comments on my stories. I often respond, and often heed the advice of the people that care enough to give it to me. I will always review back, and I will never compliment you without being sincere. Don't think that i only said positive things about you because i got something in return.

there is always something good to say about a story, especially if someone put their heart into it.

(I'm also very happy to receive and respond to messages. i love to talk about the things i've written, or just talk in general.)

Here are some questions and answers that I'll plug in, just in case you are wondering what type of person wrote the story that you're reading:

(i didn't write them, i got them off of a website...but i deleted the questions that i considered stupid. ...quite a few)

gender? female.

Do you have any pets? two fluffy cats

What was the last book you read? the fountainhead

Do you like to cook? I do it for work right now...but no

What's your favorite food? roast beef and cookiedough

Are you married or single? dating

Do you have brothers and sisters? one older sister

Do you like baseball? sports are awful.

Do you live alone? nope

Do you live in a house or an apartment? apartment

Have you ever met a famous person? i've met people that have looked like famous people. But no.

How do you spend your free time? practicing my many hobbies, drawing, reading, writing, watching movies and such

How old are you? i'm going to keep that private...because i think people might actually want to know. HA HA.

How tall are you? pretty tall.

Tell me about a favorite event of your childhood. Nothing specific. being able to pretend and not feel stupid about it

What country are you from? the US of A

What do you do on Sundays? sleep.

What do you do? What's your job? fish chef

What is your motto? exterminate all rational thought -naked lunch (i LUB that movie)

What is your religion? i'm not going to tell you. But i will warn you, i can be sorta blasphemous at times. It's all in good fun though. I have nothing against anyone.

What kind of people do you like? open minded artistic crazy people who are way too affectionate

What kind of people do you not like? closed minded people who don't appreciate culture and are not affectionate at all

What languages do you speak? what language do i write? (i suck at every other language)

What two things could you not do when you were a child, but you can do now? FLY

What's something you do well? breathe eat and, joking. i hope i can write well...and i think i can imagine well.

What's your address? WHOA!

What's your father like? Somber but silly

What's your mother like? hard to stress out, and caring

What's your name? as far as you're all concerned, Atrix

Who do you respect the most? anyone who is willing to be my friend

Who has had the most influence in your life? the people who encourage me (there are many of them)

Would you like to be famous? I'd like to write a famous book someday. But not the type of famous where i don't get left alone.

What do you think you will be doing five years from now? hopefully something influential.

Where do you think you'll be living five years from now? on the moon...or hopefully someplace where fantastic things happen

favorite movie? Naked Lunch. (also, pans labyrinth, Eraserhead, V for vendetta, Paprika, lady in the water and Dr. Strangelove)

favorite author? I don't really happen to have one. I love everyone that has a passion for writing...but there were some very important writers that led me to the fantasy genre and kept me there. I love Meredith Anne Pierce for her darkangel trillogy and how it made me a fan of fantasy in middle school and gave me a passion for reading. I love Victor Hugo, Ayn rand, Anne Rice, Neil Gaiman, Norton Juster, Koshun Takami, Haruki Murukami, C.S Lewis (not necissarily for narnia) Jostien Gaarder, Laurie Notaro, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley Emily Bronte, Alexandre Dumas, Margaret Atwood and so many more...

(as you can see...i sorta blew that whole quiz off. sorry)


IBD- is the first story i ever put on fictionpress. this was actually QUITE a while ago, and i'm not as proud of it as i once was. I need to keep it up as a reminder though...but please, don't take this story as an example of my capacity as an author. (i'd like to re-write this...but i'm not sure if i'll get around to it)

TEMPTED- Is a new story that i plugged out because of some serious boredom. It's nice and fun, with short cute chapters and a pretty good plot. I recommend it as some good light reading. i was shocked that it was as popular as it is now. It isn't finished yet, but it should be soon, and then i can go onto the next thing.

Blue eyes- This is a story about a woman who is haunted by the ghost of her dead lover, who then begins to posess her new husband. Who will she choose? only further reading will tell. not many people have read this story, so i'm fiddling with the idea of posting it in smaller segments and seeing if more people will flock to it then. either way, it longs to be read.

the head- a piece of flash-fiction that i wrote for one of my creative writing classes a while back. I'd like to know what you guys think about it.

P.S. I might not update much...but I promise that I wont leave a story hanging, seeing as they are already pre-written. (most of the time)

Happy reading!!


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