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Hi!! I really am not good in fiction writing, but I like to read!! So here in fictionpress.com I would just review!! OK!! =)

But just to be specific..

Name: Edinn..( Yeah, I know it's prissy for a guy.. But what can I do? *sigh*)

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Where I'm from: Philippines.

Hobbies: Reading and giving reviews.. But I suck at writing, lol. I just don't have the imagination, that's all.

OKAY!! So if you're reading this profile... FINE then! Read it. I'm not complaining. Heheh XD

by the way, I really admire these authors! Check them out (MANGA section)

dice darwin

that's all for now. i don't give random reviews, btw, unless i already consider you as my friend. corny maybe, but that's what i do.