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A Quick Note: Monday, October 5, 2009

I think I've utterly given up at putting in deadlines for myself, because as soon as I do, something happens that keeps me from doing it. Either way, I have internet at my apartment now, but sadly, I have a full-time job that keeps me working an excess of eleven hours every day, and when I do have a day off, I end up just sleeping in, cleaning and doing grocery shopping. I don't often have the mental fortitude to end up pumping out another chapter or another story.

Being an adult sucks.

That being said, in regards to Thereyune, there's a lot of revamping that needs to be done before I continue. I'm not at all happy with how messy I've been getting with the plot, character development and other such things. It's missing a lot of the minute detail I was planning to put into it--as I was rushing the writing process waaaay too much. I'm not sure how many chapters I'm going to re-write, but I'm sure there'll be a bunch of them. So, before the story progresses any more, it's going to have to backtrack considerably. I'll do it as fast as I can, but I can't make any promises to have the cleaning up done before the winter. At the very least, I'll revamp one chapter at a time, and repost it, so you guys are getting something. But right now, 38 chapters is looking a wee bit daunting to finish.

Stay cool, cats. I'll catch you soon.

A Quick Note: Sunday, June 14, 2009

Posted a new short story now that I'm off visiting my Mom's house. No internet at mine sadly, but soon. Very soon. We'll see. At least I wrote something though, eh? Yay me?

Gloom-- As close as I could manage to a recurrent dream I've been having. I know it's a little sparse on detail right now, but maybe I'll think about doing something full-length with it. We'll see. Either way, I apologize for the lameness, and for the French. Weirdly enough, this particular dream was completely French. Those don't happen often. Huh. The days I'd like to talk to Freud.

General Warning: Rated 16+ for violence, language and mature themes.

I apologize for my name if you don't know how to pronounce it. Perhaps I should keep the Gaelic to a minimum.

A few things to know!

Who is talking at you, for instance?

Named Aries/Ariana/Arienne depending on whether you're a friend/English/French. Amateur artist and admittedly, not very good at it. Socialist. Anti-Fascist. Metalhead. Lives in the middle-of-nowhere-rural-Canada, where there's not much to do but write or tip bovine. Likes most things, and really only dislikes bigotry, human rights violations, elitism and centipedes.

As long as you're not an elitist, slave-labour-supporting, bigot centipede, you and she are totally okay.

Now legal age to do stuff-- like go to war, though she doubts the urge will overtake her, and to drink (which she lacks the funds to do anyway) Tall enough for a hunt for new jeans to be exceedingly annoying. Irish enough to cry during Gaelic ballads. Proudly can gut a fish in 15 seconds and wield a chainsaw (thought not at the same time-- that would be potentially hazardous.) Isn't sure what other terribly random information about herself she can/is willing to display. Finds it odd that she typed this in the third person.

1) If you review, I will ALWAYS try to review something of yours that's equally important to you. Nothing silly like you read one of my stories and I read the tiniest piece of poetry I can find. I'll usually review more than one page, and I loyally read and review stories that I like. Sometimes I'm really busy and can't review, and if that's the case, I apologize in advance. Those times seem to be a little more often now that I have to... you know, work for a living. I still promise to do the best I can.

2) I love writing, and sometimes I do it instead of doing things I should probably be doing instead. I'm prone to being odd, so if my writing doesn't make sense, just say something along the lines of "Dude... Aries, I'm totally not following what you're talking about right now. Chill. Get off the crack." And I'll be sure to.

3) Leave comments, critiques (and compliments, if you like it enough to) please. I always want to get better, and you're totally allowed to be brutally honest if it's constructive. If it's not... well, if you see a flash of a katana some night when you're walking in a dingy alleyway, you know I've come to collect. I just hope I have some crafty one-liner on hand at the time so I sound really cool.

--In Progress--

Thereyune- (Currently revamping chapters 15 through 8) Taschi, a gawky seventeen year old with bloodshed in his swampy southern past, ventures to the City State of Gwenth of America's near-future. The mystery of its inhabitants leads Taschi down a road of science that plays in the realm of God, and a wealthy city's past that is littered with corpses.

Redux- (Hiatus) When the mighty Nenmbian Empire falls at the hands of internal corruption and civil unrest, it is up to an anti-hero to stave off a war he'd happily see rip the world to shreds.

--Upcoming Stories--

24- Sequel to 'Thereyune'. Information released later in fear of spoilers

Treeline- Ingrid Mathews always lived life on the safe side. As such, her career is flourishing and her life is hopelessly vanilla. She's given the chance to explore the world by something that cut her beige career short-- her untimely death.

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