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I am a vampire. I was born many years ago, when people where still superstitious enough to go to the local soothsayer for anything abnormal. I was a vampire from birth, so of course my parents found things abnormal enough to go to the soothsayer. Upon learning that I was a vampire, my parents abandoned me at the nearest set of ruins. About a month later a group of Gypsies decided to stay at the ruins. An old Gypsy lady found me and decided to raise me as her own. At the age of fourteen, I ran away and have wandered around. Now, I have found a computer and can get online and write stories about vampires online. I still look like a teenager, however, so I am stuck with people who think they're my parents. Oh well.

Most of my stories are about vampires, because that's what I know best. I am also completely insane, and if my stories were in the same "world"some of them would contradict each other. Fortunately, they are not in the same world, so they are not self-contradictory.

I've given up (at least temporarily) on both Flaming Riverand Set Apart. I am starting two new stories that I may or may not post when I finish a chapter. The descriptions are at the end of my random rant.

The following is just stuff that makes no sense that I wrote during a test and managed to keep and that is just nonsense that I feel like putting online.

I am a crazy vampire girl. I drew vines all over the margin of the handwritten portion of a recent test. If you look closely, you shall see an unusual repetition of the number 7: 7 4-petal flowers, 7 leaves per flower-stem, a 7-petal flower, 7 flowerless vines. Also notice the importance of the number 4: 4 petals on most flowers, 4 7’s, 4 white petals on the 7-petal flower. Which leads to 3: 3 black petals on 7-petal flower, 3 4’s, which leads to 2: 2 3’s, 2 1’s: 1 7-petal flower, all come from 1 stem. I want to bite someone. I’m hungry. Why can’t school be at night? It would be much better that way for all us teenage vampires. Oh, wait; I might be the only teenage vampire who actually goes to school! Joy. I want to go to sleep.

All my e-mails are blocked! Now I can’t get anything at either of my e-mails oh no! As soon as I finish high school, I shall commence my grand plan to take over the world and end all this silly squabbling amongst the foolish mortals. I shall simply take all their kids at the age of 1 year old so they shall not be raised to hate another culture, and wait for the older generation to die. Then, the silly squabbles will be ended and I shall be the great empress of the world. Then, so the silly mortals can take out their aggression without true war, I shall start a “game”, except it shall be in lives: Every child shall, at the age of 10, begin training in various methods of fighting; sword, dagger, archery, hand-to-hand combat, gun, chain, mace, slingshot. At the age of 23, they shall be given a choice: to use these skills in the Game, to become a vampire, feeding on the blood of those killed by the Game or by other method, or to be an ordinary citizen, pretending neither vampires nor the Game exist. Within the Game, death shall go unpunished, as long as it be not in daylight in the bright-lit streets or the open places where many people go. Only in dim alleys may the Players kill. Upon the Killing, the Player shall take the sign-card of the Killed (sign-card is digital card of Player with unique coat-of-arms upon it) and bind any wounds upon the Killed, to prevent further blood loss. He shall report the Killing to the nearest Office of the Game, who shall send a vampire for the body. The vampire sent shall drink the blood of the Killed and burn the body, tossing the ashes to the four winds. The ordinary humans shall not know who is a Player or vampire and who is not. However, Players and vampires shall know each other.

There! The craziness is up. You don't actually have to read it.

One new story is titled To Fix a Broken Heart. The main character, a teenage girl who I have yet to name, occasionally has dreams of the future. Her mother hates her, blaming her for her father's death, and her stepfather can't be bothered. According to her latest dream, her only friend may be suicidal. Almost as bad, she's being followed. The only good things in her life come late at night, and even those may not be pleasant, once she discovers her stalker.

The other is tentatively titled either Darkness or Unwilling Darkness. Erin's been cursed. She doesn't know how, she only sort of knows why, and she doesn't know what to do. She was human, but can no longer belong to their world. Only at sunset can she see the sun, only at night can she come out. She works a normal job, tries to lead a normal life, but she is no longer normal. She is bound by darkness.

If anyone really wants me to post either of these, message me. It will take ten messages for me to post either one.

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