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Real Name: Adam

Current stories: "Everything A Guy Could Ever Want," "Brothers," "Zombie Diary" and "Zombie Chronicles"

Favorite Genres: Action, Sci Fi, Horror, and Romance

Bio: Hey my name's Adam I'm Twenty one years old, I've been writing since a young age (around age 7) since then my writing has improved a lot. Mostly from the helpful criticism of others and often from the books I enjoy reading. I do take my writing very seriously I try to update one of my stories everyday if not then all of them. All in all I hope you enjoy them and take an interest in them. Shoot me a review so I can get an idea of what I need to improve on it really helps a lot.

Name: Adam

Age: Twenty-Two

Sex: Male

Music: Heavy Metal, Rock, Alternative, very little Country

Years of Writing Experience: 16 years.

Favorite Fictional Character (Not My Own): Goofy (Created by Walt Disney)

Favorite Fictional Character (On Fiction press, My Own): Bryce (Brothers)

Favorite Writing Genres: Action, Crime, Survival, Horror, Romance, Comedy.

Side Note: Due to my own frustration with my story, "What it is to Burn" I have taken it down from Fictionpress and have taken the characters out and slapped them into a new professional work I've recently started. Basically what happened with this story is I got really far into it and screwed up the plot adding in too many twists and turns and making the story completely unbelievable. It got so bad I was jumping from one spectrum to the other and genre hopping, in my experience when you start to do that its a terrible sign that your story is going downhill. So out of respect for the story and the characters involved I removed them from the work and trashed the plot. Again I'm very sorry if you were enjoying it and I will be starting a new story to make up for it.


"Final Sun": My replacement story for "What it is to Burn", this story takes place just one month after the "Advent", the day the world went silent and few survivors were left in it's wake. For exactly thirty days all seemed quiet, survivors banded together, some went rogue to take on the apocalypse on their own, Brett was one of those people. But as the thirtieth day comes to a close and the sun sets on the horizon, something stirs in the shadows, the victims of "Advent" are returning. However they're not the same beings who disappeared the month before, they only prowl at night and hunt in numbers pulling helpless victims into the darkness.

Brett begins hunting them one by one ruthlessly until he encounters a young girl his age who changes his life forever, for she is a hybrid, half girl half vampire.

"Everything A Guy Could Ever Want": Every guy would love to be surrounded by beautiful women and have them compete for his attention and love. This never once crossed Blake Grayson's mind when he met Paisley. Paisley was his perfect opposite and greatest friend in the world, but when she rejects him for Prom Night he discovers that maybe she never felt the same. In impulse he enters a contest to be on the hit teen show "In Your Dreams" in an attempt to find his true love. How will his love for Paisley be tested when ten women are competing for his attention. Blake is about to find out that not every girl is the same and maybe true love does exist. Rated T: Mild Violence, Language, Sexual Content, References to drugs, tobacco, or alcohol. 13

"Brothers": When four professional heist brothers take on the Capital Bank they get more than they bargained for. While on the other side of the law Adam, a rookie SWAT officer vies to take them down. As the criminals get closer and closer to the score of their lives and innocent lives are put in danger which side will prevail and how far will they go to take their place in society? "Brothers" is a gritty crime drama that follows two main characters, Bryce and Adam who come head to head to get what they want, one fights for justice and peace, while the other fights for the life he never had. Rated T: Intense Violence, Frequent Language, Some Sexual Content, Brief Alcohol References. 13

"Zombie Chronicles": Zombie Chronicles is an epic story that follows the lives of several survivors as they struggle to survive their final days among the living dead. As the world around them crumbles and those closest to them fall into the ranks of the walking dead who will survive long enough to find an escape? "Zombie Chronicles" is planned to be a ridiculously long story that chronicles the lives of those living in an undead world, from the day the outbreak reaches it's climax to the day they die. Expect to find yourself becoming attached to the characters because you're in for a long haul and a never ending drama where anything can happen. Rated M: Intense Violence, Gore, Blood, Strong Language, Alcohol Reference, Strong Sexual Content, and Some Nudity. MATURE READERS ONLY 16.

"My Girlfriend is a Teen Genie": MGTG follows a young man named Cole who lives a fairly simple normal life, so normal unfortunately that he finds himself in a deep depression. He often finds himself wishing for and wanting more than what he has like wanting to be important or to do something amazing with his life. His depression drags him so low that he often spends his days off shut inside his room writing. For awhile life goes on until one fateful day when his father's cancer treatment fails and he falls into sickness. Before dying his father tells him of an old box in their attic labeled, "Genie" and urges Cole to find it, open it, and protect it's contents. However upon opening the box all Cole finds is a few journals and an old lamp, he places the lamp in his room on his shelf. One night he sits down to read his father's journals to find the instructions to the lamp, instructing him to rub it. Once he wiped his hand across the old lamp he sets off a chain of events that rocks the very foundation of his world giving him the power to get and do whatever he wants with the help of a certain new friend. Rated T: Mild Violence, Sexual Content, Mild Language, Some Alcohol Reference. 13

Remember review my stories, and I'll review yours!

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The Clan
A story that follows a clan of players on their favorite survival game as they struggle in both the game and reality to maintain their personal lives and relationships. Together they must work to survive against all odds, bandits, raids, and overpowering admins who threaten the sanctity that is their server. Unlikely friends as they may be, they will shape the gaming world.
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