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Hi, everyone!

I'm a college junior living in Texas, majoring in English Language Arts & Reading (4-8 Certification). So obviously, I plan on being an English teacher... seventh-grade English, to be exact. Truthfully, though, I really want to be a novelist. I know that may not work out, however, so I'm going to teach while I try getting published (whenever I finish a published-novel-worthy version of any of my stories which are up here... something which I'm attempting to do now). And if I become a successful novelist, I'll quit teaching and write full-time!

When I write here, I will write romances the vast majority of the time. There will be occasions where I will write outside of the genre, however, although there will always be some amount of romance, big or small, in all of my stories.

By the way, in case you don't know, my avvie is of the character Johnnie Donne from the 2002 British miniseries The Jury. Johnnie was played by Gerard Butler, my absolute favorite actor. If you haven't seen this show, I highly recommend it. Gerry did an amazing job, as did the rest of the cast!

Behold! I can also be found on FanFiction. You know you want to click... especially if you like The Phantom of the Opera. (I should warn you, though, that it's a little bit of a mess over there because I'm in the process of taking down some stories and revamping others. There are, however, a couple of fanfictions for you to read.)

I apologize for having basically abandoned all my writing here. I know it's annoying.

Unfortunately for anyone who's been following What I've Done, I'm not going to update it anymore. In fact, I'm probably going to take it down relatively soon. Sorry, but I have no real interest in continuing it any longer... especially since if I'm ever fortunate enough to get Internally Yours published, I have no intention of writing a sequel.

Speaking of Internally Yours, however, I've got good news! I'm revamping Internally Yours... and once I begin posting it, it's going to be so much better than the version which is currently up!

Some particular reviews I've received on Internally Yours have led me to the conclusion that some major changes need to be made to the storyline. So the revamp will be much darker and much more angsty than the version of Internally Yours which is currently up. That's a good thing, though - I think the story's going to be much more realistic because of it! I can't give much information about how it's going to be different (for those who happen upon this page who haven't read the original version), but to the core, it'll still be the same story. There will just be tons more angst. I'm in the process of planning it out.

Also, remember how I was gonna entirely abandon Professional Help? Yeah? Well, it's not happening anymore! I'm revamping it, too! (And yes, I will finish it. I'm going to love it so much that I won't be able to stand leaving it unfinished!)

Looking at the first few chapters of the story made me realize just how awful of a writer I was when I started writing Professional Help. Like, seriously, that crap sucks big time. And I think there are some plot holes, too. But no worries! Those will be fixed in the revamp. Just like Internally Yours, the Professional Help revamp will be darker and more angsty than the current version of the story. But it will be a ton better and will thus be much more likable! And like the Internally Yours revamp, the Professional Help revamp will be the same basic story as its original, although I'll change particular plot points because I think they'll work better than the corresponding points in the original version. I'm planning this one out, too... I've done some outlining and scribbled down some parts.

There's also good news for those (the, like, two or three there were) who ever read Children of the Revolution! (I don't blame anyone who didn't read it, though; I look at it now and think it sucks pretty bad.) I'm revamping it as well and turning it into a will-be-wonderful story called War Game!

I was as bad a writer when I wrote Children of the Revolution as I was when I wrote the first few chapters of Professional Help (which is understandable, considering it was all written in the same timeframe). Thus I'm basically entirely redoing it and turning it into War Game. (I changed the title 'cause it's a lot better, and since pretty much the entire story is going to be changed, I figured it'd be best to change the title as well.) There will be very little similarity between Children of the Revolution and War Game except for the characters who are present. But those characters' characterizations (man, I wish there was a suitable synonym for "characterization" 'cause "characters' characterizations" looks weird; ha ha) will even be different. So really, nothing's the same except the absolute bare bones of the plot and the characters' names, pretty much. Anyway, just like the Internally Yours and Professional Help revamps, I've done some planning for this one.

And I'm even working on more than that! Here are the other stories that I've begun planning that haven't yet made it to FictionPress in any form or fashion (or if they have, they've probably been forgotten by all... which is for the best).

Strikeout: Brinna Liebermann, the notorious "Strikeout Assassin," has successfully eluded authorities for five years. But her luck may have run out when Agent Devon Hatchet is given the coveted task of catching The Strikeout Assassin and bringing her in alive...

[Title to Be Determined]: In the summer of 1896, a brand-new cure for scarlet fever allows Danielle Somers to narrowly escape death. But later on down the road, she may find that the thing which saved her life has given her more than she bargained for. The first in a series. (This story is most likely going to go in the Supernatural section because romance isn't the primary focus of the story.)

Unscripted: With the aid of scripts, actor/unfaithful husband Charlie Gannin must go back in time and relive his entire seven-year marriage, without cheating, in order to get to Heaven when he dies. Can he handle playing the role of a loyal and loving husband?

FYI, in order to be consistent with updates, I'm not going to begin posting any of these stories until I've written a relatively decent amount of each of them. (I want to have written enough to the point where I can update every other week and not have to constantly be writing in order to make sure I don't fall behind... although I may consistently write, anyway, in order to make sure I don't just get lazy in my updating.) Also, I'll only be working on one story at a time to make sure that I won't be completely caught up with continuously updating one story and subsequently neglect others that I've put up. So oince I'm done with whatever story I put up first, the one I decide to upload second will begin being updated, and so on and so forth. That means it may be a while before whatever story you're interested in starts coming up, but please, bear with me. I'm really doing my readers a favor by using this method of updating.

And I guess that's all! :)

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