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Hey! I'm Rose, and my profile is now entirely dedicated to the Vigilant, because that's probably what you’re here to read. The Piano Girl is a short, lighthearted romance, so you could give it a shot if you like my style but hate gore and crushing despair. If you'd like to see any of the stories that were up in previous years, send me a message and I can send you a link.

On to the Q&A!

I haven’t read the Vigilant, but I’m thinking about checking it out. What’s it like?

It's long, that's what it's like!! It moves in wide spirals around the story's subject, two mirrored groups of people struggling with abstract junk (like grief, duty and trust) in ways that feel anything but abstract. The science in this sci-fi story is very soft, focusing less on understanding quantum entanglement and more on understanding the personal trials of our teen heroes. They're just doing their best to survive gym class and also the unraveling of a deadly conspiracy.

Is it a nice relaxing read?

No. Noooo. Well, I try to keep the writing style as simple and easy to read as I can, with very few "sesquipedalian" words that clearly came from a thesaurus.

But it's not easy, in the sense that the subject matter is pretty difficult. So if you read, be aware you could see depictions of character death, viscera, depression, infuriatingly unrealistic gunfire, and other sources of whump. But sexual assault is not included, and aside from a few 2008-style "yo mama" jokes, neither are sexual situations. If you'd like to know more about content that could potentially trigger something unpleasant, send me a private message here on FictionPress and I'll gladly help!



Who's your favorite character? Mine's Carmine/Ice/Grumia.

The answer would probably surprise you! I work very hard to find situations that'll let the seven main Vigil kids show off their interesting shortcomings and priorities, but a lot of them haven't had their Big Moment yet that solidifies their character. "This isn't even my final form!!"

I made it to the latest chapter.

I just- I am in awe. Come collect your cookie, you cool and amazing person, you. (Cookies delivered: one)

Current Status:

May 6th chapter is up! It's a short character-focused chapter with big words like "refraction," and "infraction," and "delineated," so if you're a fan of weird words, this is excellent news!

For the upcoming adventure, outlining is finished. Now the trick is to connect everything with prose, and that process is coming along nicely. It'll probably be another spring update, but if that changes, you'll hear about it here in the Current Status section!

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