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Hey! I'm Rose, and my profile is now entirely dedicated to the Vigilant, because that's probably what you’re here to read. The Piano Girl is a short, lighthearted romance, so you could give it a shot if you like my style but hate gore and crushing despair.

On to the Q&A!

I haven’t read the Vigilant, but I’m thinking about checking it out. What’s it like?

It’s like a hundred twenty five thousand words long, that’s what it’s like!! Okay, okay, I'm not here to scare you away. I'm here to tell you what that teensy little summary can't. The Vigilant takes place on modern-day Earth, so you won't need to know how many parsecs it takes to get to Gliese 581d. It's told in the first person, mostly by kids ranging in age from thirteen to twenty. The story is about trying and sometimes failing to keep their friends and family safe. They've got no clue what they're up against, and like the kid in your math class who sasses the teacher and fails all the tests, my characters hate what they can't understand.

Caution: the good guys drop like flies. I'm fond of putting them in rough situations, so there's lots of gore, angst, and confusion. Plus pretty much every trigger under the sun except for sexual assault. Plus some aliens. Gotta have some aliens.

I made it to the latest chapter.

I just- I am in awe. Come collect your cookie, you cool and amazing person, you.

Are we still in the “Bloodbath” phase that you talked about at the beginning of Jinks’ episode?

No. :D Which is not to say that no one else will die! The Sunnies have guns and the Seibues still have orders. But blood will no longer be prevalent enough to be an arc word.

Why are you so excited?

See above. But that’s not the only reason. We've entered a very special part of the story! And as you get a feel for what kind of special it is, I hope you enjoy the change! You know I do. I’m absolutely thrilled about the story I’m telling, and I hope you’ll stick around to listen. Be careful, because I tend to get emotitive and I may wave my hands and knock you over or something.

Current Status:

:drops 10,000 word update and ollies out for another three years:

No, I'm joking! I've got more to say than that. I've been agonizing over this episode, really pouring a lot of work and love into it, so I'm relieved to give it a conclusion. This is the last chapter Star will be narrating for a long time, and wow did it turn out a lot differently than I imagined even a year ago.

Other things that have changed over the hiatus: Star's character and her arc, Firefly's arc, my long list of uncomfortable junk that I need to revise, and me! I'm a college graduate, I'm living in a great environment, and I have a tape recorder that's mostly used to rant about Vigil stuff. I'm serious, I've logged like 30 hours of nonstop chatter about rad characters.

As for when the next chapter will be ready, I can't really give a solid estimate. How about I come back for another status update in September?

Also wow, wow hey, I'm really honored that so many people have checked in on the story and on me. I tell stories and you listened even when I hadn't spoken for years. You're great and I hope you feel great.

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